Become a Sponsor

There are many ways to sponsor MediaPortal, not only through financial donations, but also by donating hardware for testing, including MediaPortal in your Public Relations campaigns, or using MediaPortal for trade show or conference demonstrations. Please contact us you want to become an official sponsor or if you have further questions!

Financial Donations

Any company who makes a significant financial contribution to MediaPortal automatically becomes an official sponsor.  We will add your company logo to our website and promote your products to our hundreds of thousands of of website visitors and MediaPortal users.

Public Relations

Often it is difficult to promote HTPC hardware without the software that shows off its capabilities.  Why not consider a joint Public Relations campaign with MediaPortal?

You can even simply add our logo to your website, and qualify as a sponsor of MediaPortal!

Trade Shows/Demonstrations

Everyone knows how important it is to provide a top notch allluring demonstration of their products. MediaPortal excels in quality playback using hundreds of types of TV Cards, remotes or DirectShow filters. 

With our glossy, slick interface and infinite variety of features, you can attract many potential customers to your booth.  Just contact us for assistance in setting up MediaPortal for your presentation or trade show.

It is simple and easy to set up a slide show demonstration of your products using MediaPortal's Pictures feature, with a huge variety of special effects, and even a background soundtrack.

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