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Terms of Use

The artwork provided on this page is provided only for use as part of:

  • MediaPortal Skins, tools, applications, plugins
  • Links to MediaPortal homepage
  • trade shows
  • advertising and articles in online and print magazines about MediaPortal.

Any other use is prohibited without prior permission.  Only the approved derivations below are permitted - it is forbidden to alter the shape or color of our artwork. The artwork is copyright, but can be used free of charge under the conditions listed above.

Official MediaPortal Artwork

Logos              MP1                                                                   MP2

         MP_Icon                                                          MediaPortal 2 Icon  

Download High-Resolution Version - 0.6 MB                Download High-Resolution Version - 1.2 MB

Box shot

Download High-Resolution Version 1.47 Mb



Download High-Resolution Version 193.10 Kb

Logo Derivations

Derivations of the MediaPortal logo may be used only in skins designed for MediaPortal. In every other case, the official MediaPortal artwork, as above, must be used. The only derivations permitted are those below.  The white derivation may be used on any background, the blue background is just a sample.


Download High-Resolution Version 92.71 Kb

Promotion Material

Brochure, tri-fold

This tri-fold brochure can be used at trade shows to allow interested people to find out more about MediaPortal.


Download images for printing - 6.29MB


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