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Moving Pictures is a movie management plug-in that focuses on ease of use and flexibility. Point it to your movies collection and Moving Pictures will automatically load media rich details about your movies as quickly as possible with as little user interaction as possible. Once imported you can browse your collection via an easy to use but highly customizable interface.


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* Removed support (site is shutting down end of Sep 2014).
* Added Titan skin files to installer. Includes some bug fixes and minor changes.
* Updated translations from Transifex.

* Fixed artwork being re-used for movies of the same title name.
** Database upgrade is performed on first start to update existing artwork references.
** Any orphaned artwork will be removed from disk i.e. anything not referenced in the database.
* Fixed a possible crash on start of movie playback, issue occurred if the some fields of the movie contained empty values when publishing skin Play properties (this would not affect everybody).
* Added a few new Play skin properties for Studios, Collections and PlotKeywords.
* Updated the poster and backdrop provider to use v3 of the API.
* Updated scraper priority defaults when handled automatically by MovingPictures.
** Primary details source is now themoviedb scraper for all languages.
** Primary and Secondary cover and backdrop sources are handled by themoviedb and
** Users can still override these by manually prioritising sources in configuration.
* Updated Swedish scraper script, thanks hexago.
** Fixed Genres, Language, Score and Popularity.
** Added Studios and PlotKeywords.
* Updated translations from Transifex.

* Publish the users GUI category menu to skin, skin designers can use these properties to create custom home screen menus.
* Added SortBy for 'FileSize' field. Group Headers and Facade SecondLabel support added.
* Updated translations from Transifex.

* Hopefully fix some teething issues with compatibility for users without .Net 4.5.

* Updated support for MediaPortal 1.7.
* Added new MediaInfo properties:
** File Size
** Audio Bit Rate
** Audio Sample Rate
** Video Bit Rate
** 3D Detection
** Skin properties added for human readable formats.
* Added an advanced setting so that user can disable confirmation prompt when updating movie details.
* Added skin properties for users selected movie watched history.
* Updated Czech scraper, thanks Kucheek.
* Fixed warning in log about categories view being unavailable due to skin settings. This is unneeded as there is already a seperate check to determine availability.
* Fixed Slovenian translation, was badly formatted on Transifex.
* Fixed unnecessary publish of skin properties.
* Improved description of 'script' execution during MPEI installation so it's clear what script is being run.
* Updated translations from Transifex.

Note: Turn on Skin Debugging in advanced settings to see new MediaInfo and Watched properties. Ensure to turn off under normal use!

* Fixed a script error when installing on development branch of MediaPortal.

* Fixed default IMDb scraper script no longer retrieving metadata and posters, also updated script to support new fields available.
* Fixed MyMovieItalian scraper script, thanks roby71.
* Fixed score/votes from Kinopoisk scraper script, thanks leonid.kabanov.
* Fixed MovingPictures configuration launcher failing on MediaPortal 1.6.
* Fixed shutdown of process not occurring after S3 Resume, thanks seco/sebastii.
* Fixed a crash when selecting a category using a fixed backdrop if the movie no longer exists in database.
* Added shortcut to MovingPictures configuration on desktop during installation of MPEI package.
* Added IMDb and SortBy fields to the available filter fields.
* Added 'Date Added' and 'Release Date' to available fields to display as 'Label 2' on the facade.
* Added dynamic field display for 'Label 2' on the facade when choosing different Sort By fields e.g. Sorting by release date will show 'Release Date' instead of the default 'Year'.
* Added 'Accept-Language' header support in scraper scripts for better results on sites like IMDb.
* Improved Bluray support, thanks sebastii.
* Updated translations from Transifex.

* Support for a native MPEI installation package.
* Support for translations from Transifex. Users can now submit translations from their website.
* Added 'Plot Keywords' field.
** Enhanced 'Theme' search to also include Plot Keywords.
** TheMovieDB scraper has been updated to support 'Plot Keywords'.
** Added 'Collections' field:
** TheMovieDB scraper has been updated to support 'Collections'.
** Categories updated to allow dynamic category support for Collections.
** A movie can be added to more than one collection.
** Sorry, no grouping in the main movie list yet. Only categories!
*Added 'Release Date' field:
** TheMovieDB scraper has been updated to support 'Release Date'.
** Added sorting and group header support.
** Added support for date modifier in scraper engine, this will allow scripters to specify the format of the date which they are using. (see r1514 for details).
** Added extra skin properties for fields of type datetime.
* Added support for localised posters from This is a great source for movie artwork, very high quality and recommended as your new default poster/backdrop source.
* Added support to CycleArtwork via a MediaPortal GUI Action (e.g. press of a remote button). Chose the most logical action available which is PREVIOUS_PICTURE and NEXT_PICTURE.
* Added new skin properties to allow skinner to control the plurality of labels e.g. 'Director' when there is only one director. Updated DefaultWide skin to show example of usage.
* Publish all MediaPortal Video Play properties including IMDb ID (#Play.Current.IMDBNumber) which can be used to display extra artwork on OSD such as Clear Logos.
* Fixed a crash seen when creating a blank movie template which doesn't have a movie data provider.
* Fixed IMDb pre-lookup not working.
* Fixed bugs and cleanup of new DefaultWide skin:
* Removed animations where applicable to keep in line with design of main skin.
* Removed unused imports and images.
* Several bug fixes and missing functionality e.g. play indicator
* Added new release date field to details view.
* Fixed Group Headers not working.
* Fixed Rate Dialog not working with MediaPortal 1.3+ (replaced toggle buttons with checkmarks).
* Added support for Trailers plugin, this adds support for local and online streaming trailers, button added in details view.
* Fixed OSD showing before fullscreen playback of NEW files.
* Fixed a possible crash when updating Alpha Filter.
* Fixed an unhandled exception in importer when creating a movie with no IMDb,
* Improved directory accessibility check to prevent false positives resulting in removal of media from the db.
* [API] Adjusted tab switching logic so the movie manager can be reused by mpextended.
Reviews (7)

Moving Pictures
This is an essential plugin for MePO. Point the folder to where you have your movies and the plugin matches the movie's name you file and downloads a ton of info including the summary and film poster. Beautiful!

3 of 3 people found this review helpful
The perfect plugin for movies
I've using this plugin for 2 years now. I update recently and i am glad the little things that was missing are now there or fix. In other words, is really improving forward. Not like many other things that are mess up by "updates", like youtube or windows vista.

About the utility, is easy to use and do what you want, that is arrange all your movies to show you in a list with pictures and details. You can browse by category, year, etc or see all the list at ones. There is a lot of customization, but at the same time is not complicated. To me, i don't even customize much. Is great the way it is.

Something i appreciate is that show all my movies in the same place, even when i don't have all my movies in the same hard drive.

What else i can say? Do the job, and i am happy.

3 of 3 people found this review helpful
Showing off is easy.
Let me just say that playing around with Moving Pictures is a whole new experience that brings a lot of fun regardless what movie you're going to watch. It's a very enjoyable plugin that stands out on its own merits.

Sometime friends come over to watch a movie, the moment I select Moving Pictures you get the wow factor, suffice to say that everyone has to browse by himself a bit and we end up browsing for titles, actors and fan art of all the old movies each of us likes to remember, and then, and only then we sit back and pick a movie to watch.

Highly recommended for you all.

3 of 3 people found this review helpful
There is no better way to browse and play your movies! Just point it at the folder containing your movies, and it will do the rest. It downloads cover art, fan art, parses the movie files and gets media info details (SD/HD, Dolby Digital, CC, etc) automatically. I have been using it for weeks and have not had to touch it once installed. This plugin should be included with every MP installation. Great work!

3 of 3 people found this review helpful
The reason I installed Mediaportal
I have the minimum spec PC required for Mediaportal to run (an old pentium 4 which I got second hand off ebay for almost nothing) and I wouldn't bother installing Mediaportal if it wasn't for this plugin. It works like a dream, it automatically downloads film information and posters, puts movies you haven't seen under 'unwatched' category, which is extremely helpful if you have many of them (I've got more than 600) and it won't even ask you which directory to look at for films; I've got the films stored in more than one external HDDs but it scanned them all once and it shows all 600 of them in one place! Brilliant! I was blind before I discovered this plugin but now I see!

4 of 4 people found this review helpful
well done great app, not buggy as well. Scolling movies on a ATOM ION 330 is fast well done!

4 of 4 people found this review helpful
One of my favroites
with TV-Series, this plugin is my favorite! It works great and creates a very nice screen for your movies. I am not using the original video screen anymore, this one is just perfect!

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