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The My Films plugin allows you to combine the media center features of MediaPortal with the advantages of the movie catalog/database of your choice, like the popular freeware Ant Movie Catalog (AMC), EAX Movie Catalog, Personal Video Database, Ember Media Manager (EMM) or shareware catalogs like DVD Profiler, Extreme Movie Manager (XMM), My Movies, or Movie Collector (Supported catalogs).

My Films is intended to support users who already have invested time and energy to develop extensive movie catalogs using movie catalog software. It provides an ‘out of the box’ solution to allow you to begin using your movie catalog in MediaPortal without needing to rescan or re download your data and artwork. You may use your existing catalog and use it with My Films at once - or decide to create a new one with the help of My Films updater/importer tool.

The Setup Wizard presets most options for you so you can be using your database in MediaPortal in no time.


  • v is compatible with MediaPortal 1.6.x, 1.7.x and 1.8.x (note: .net 4.5 required)
  • v is compatible with MediaPortal 1.3.x,  1.4.x and 1.5.x
  • v is compatible with MediaPortal 1.2.x (see Google Downloads)


Check the many new additions we recently added with the release of My Films V6.0 on "What's new in V6.1" !

My Films incorporates as many advanced movie catalog features into MediaPortal as possible, such as:

My Films integrates with other plugins such as OnlineVideos for online trailers; BrowseTheWeb for online links to related movie and actor/crew web info; Sub Central for subtitles and Trakt for online lists and recommendations.


V6.1.0 feature release
- Support 'Cleanup' option on Grabber Editor Search page for filebased reader grabbers like NFO
- Display attribution when downloading from TMDB - especially API
- MP 1.6 compatibility
- Remove Obsolete grabbers
- Certification logos by country
- Button for Trakt dailog window
- Jump to random movie overview card from all the movies that are on your catalogue
- Improve Setup Wizard to support central config setups
- Add support for TMDB ID to IMDB grabbers
- Allow sorting for Online Movie Info/Lists
- Upgrade fanart loader to TMDB v3
- Add dialog for visual image selection
- Download of collection covers from TMDB
- Improve Box Sets management in GUI
- Autorun AMCU when plugin starts
- Allow local caching for trailers of online content
- Precaching of movie DB on startup
- Add context search option for online content to seach local content by facade label keywords
- Add OnlineVideos search to movie context menu
- Allow trailer downloads for single movies via context menu
- Add more OV sites to trailer submenu to choose for searching trailers
- Allow download for trailers for multiple movies
- Add option to person context menu to get TMDB filmographie
- Allow manual selection of playback quality for online trailers
- Add virtual path browsing
- Add online info about current, upcoming and most liked movies
- Trailer 'Scrobbling' - Play random trailers from a group of films
- Add "about" tab and credits
- Support for movie thumbs in Details screen & removal of old separate MyFilmsThumbs screen
- Add virtual path title
- View related persons view from Details Window
- Add OV stream player for trailers
- Auto Register Trailers downloaded via Online Videos
- Remove Actor screen - is replaced by person facades
- Move verified items from 6.0.3 testmode to normal mode
- DB schema extension
- Update MF skininterfaceversion to 1.1 due to V6.1 changes

- Apectratio is not parsed properly for some globalizations
- Default Wide Skins need update
- Roles are no more displayed in TMDB movie list for a person
- Collection covers grabbed via TMDB grabbers don't display
- Grabber Editor displays error when using hardcoded names for filebased reader in Search URL
- Grabber may grab unpredicatable results when a parameter is not found
- External media player does not open film as pathname is not quoted in the command line
- Cannot import nfo files created by AMCU Update nfo files
- Trakt Friends no longer works
- Trakt (test internal menu) in test mode, does not work
- New movies don't display in global unwatched filter
- plugin fanart loading not working anymore - TMDB API v2.1 was retired on sep. 15th
- IMDB_Id field is not pushed to property
- List separators do not support "new line" separation
- Suppress some alerts
- "Online Infos" and adaption to TMDB v3 api
- Add GUI Global Options to change default config and default setting
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