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This plugin allows watching videos from various websites, using their RSS feeds, parsing html pages, coding against provided APIs or directly adding urls of live streams. Supported sites include: YouTube, MetaCafe, DailyMotion, iTunes Movie Trailers, DasErste, ZDF, RTL, SVT, Break, CNN, VeryFunnyAds, MSNBC, Yahoo MusicVideos, MTV MusicVideos, wwiTV, Southpark and many more. A list of all supported sites can be found here. You can also add and even publish your own sites without coding skills, generic functionality is included (RSS feeds or regular expression knowledge required).

additional Features:

  • download a video for later viewing
  • bookmark favorites
  • search videos
  • paging and filtering (on websites that support those)
  • thumbnails for videos and categories
  • pin protection for adult sites
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fixed: search history not restored on next start (encoding was wrong)
fixed: possible MediaPortal crash due to the notify dialog after a download not called on UI thread
added: option to pass subtitle info from a Hoster to a SiteUtil
added: automatic encryption of user's passwords
improved Browser Host Player
included Titan skin files
moved to .Net 4.0
changed: now using the new (merged) IPTV/URL filter
OnlineVideos core API cleanup
Reviews (14)

Nice Plugin!
Really nice and usefull plugin. I'd just recommend to add the MP2 version into the the plugin download section of MP2. Here nobody will find it.

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Just found this
This is great works well in UK. I see you have added Netflix Perfect

More Work Required
Conceputally this is a great plug-in. A lot of respect to the developers for the hard work they have put in.
It requires a lot of work to maintain it as most of the feeds do not work - Unfortunately eg. This plugin would have made the mediaPortal a strong competitor to the XBMC. Pity I'm unable to code, I would have love to help.

Is there UnP access to the center. I would love to access my playon server via UnP.

Excellent! But subtitles?!
Your online Video is super. We are enthused because, we won't have to close MediaPortal to use a browser or the like.

I've a problem with OnlineVideos. My wife and i often look like online at YouTube or german portal e.g. ZDF Mediathek. But we prefer to have to use a subtitle because we are hearing impaired.

Is your plug in able to show avaiable subtitle?
Owner's reply

Yes, OnlineVideos can show subtitles, but this feature has to be implemented per Site. You can request it for the sites you want in our forum.


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Der Grund warum ich mir einen HTPC gebaut habe!!
WoW das ist einfach perfekt, danke für das tolle Angebot.
Es funktioniert sehr gut.

Best MP plugin by far
Not much else I can say, i installed sopfilter and now stream football whenever i want, can find practically any tv show from UK/US and stream good quality movies. Easy to configure and tons more can be done. Developer really out did themselves with this one; coupled with the streamedmp skin it is a world beater

Awesome plugin
I've been using this plugin for ages and I wasn't even aware of some of the great features. I suggest new users should read the wiki for a comprehensive list of all the features.

Keep up the good work

Great plugin
Once I figured out to install the correct codecs this plugin turned out to the best I have ever installed.

At last a plug-in for Mediaportal that brings MEGA value! Support this plug-in in its future development!

Many thanks
At last my wife and I are able to watch ABC Australia's iView service inside MediaPortal - almost brings tears of joy to my old eyes. Being an old fart (60 next month) I didn't find configuring the plugin as intuitive as I would have liked but then old age is slowing me down ;) I still don't understand what the difference is between sites management from within MediaPortal and using MediaPortal.Plugin Configuration but I'm quite sure it will eventually dawn on me. Many thanks to all those involved in this excellent and indispensable plugin.
Owner's reply

Thanks! There's no real difference between the two configuration options. It's a convenience for the user allowing it from both inside and outside MediaPortal to manage your Sites ;-)


Great plugin
This plugin is quite awesome. Setting it up is pretty easy and doesn't take long.

Biggest plus: arte +7 - I could (and maybe would) kiss you :-)

Some stations aren't working though. For instance I can't stream Southpark (ger). But that's a minor problem seeing how much there is to watch and maybe with some configuring I can make it run.

In conclusion: Great plugin and worth having it installed

Thanks a lot @ offbyone, hioctane and doskabouter :-)

One of the must-have plugins
This is one of the best plugins available for MediaPortal. It allows you to watch videos from a vast number of different sites, all in one place.


2 of 2 people found this review helpful
One of the MUST HAVE plugins of MP!
Using this plugin from the first versions it has become an indispensable plugin. For me it should be delivered as standard plugin of MP.

2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Web on Tap
This is THE plugin to get access to tons of Web content. It's clear and easy to configure, well designed and maintained, fast, and a great addition to MediaPortal!

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