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The team that brought you "Maya" is proud to annouce a brand new skin called Avalon!

We have been designing and developing for about one year on a 1920x1080 skin that will offer a clean
and simple layout without compromising the ever growing need for information at a glance.
You will have the choice between several layouts to suit your needs. All configurable from within MP.
(A special thanks to the StreamedMP Team for sharing their code and inspiration)
As you all know from "Maya" we hold on to the concept of making all screens as consistent as possible
for a better user interface experience. (should also enhance the WAF)

Changelog 1.3.1

  • reverted comskip markers from videoFullScreen to avoid exception in TVSeries/MovingPictures
  • updated FanartHandler plugin to v3.1.0

Changelog 1.3.0

  • added MyFilms 6.0 support
  • added Trakt support (V3.0 soon)
  • added TVSeries 3.5.0 support
  • added ShoutcastRadio support
  • added movingpictures importer
  • added MP 1.4 compatibility for Avalon Skin Settings
  • added Emulators 2 support
  • added more FullHD Plugin Backdrops
  • added MediaSlayer support
  • added SleepControl support
  • added Clickfinder support (thanks to @Zoidberg77 for basefiles)
  • added Clickfinder Support 1.0.4 (thanks to @Zoidberg77 for basefiles)
  • added TSbuffer Colours in OnlineVideos OSD
  • added mvCentral Plugin Support
  • added ArgusTV support
  • added MusicInfoHandler support
  • added new Sudoku design
  • reworked TV Teletext
  • redesign of Album/Artist Infos
  • updated settings for MP 1.4
  • updated MyFilms detail layout to match MovingPictures
  • changed unwatched icon in TVSeries listview to 'dot'
  • changed unwatched icons in MyFilms listview
  • removed watched icons in MyFilms listview
  • removed watched icon in TVSeries listview
  • fixed Issue in Basichome with missing MyFilms latestadded Movieposter
  • fixed Issue in WorldWeather with missing Weather Images
  • fixed SubCentral
  • fixed broken Music and MyVideo playlists files
  • fixed small issue with missing rss background in Music Albumview
  • fixed small issue with missing Fanart in Music Albumview
  • fixed missing MusicCover Grabber Files
  • fixed TVSeries pin dialog
  • fixed label2 y-position in TVSeries listview
  • fixed poster shadow visibility in MyFilms
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bykuaci89, November 16, 2013
1 of 2 people found this review helpful
why i can't install this skin... skin not compatible...any fix ?
byntompson, March 14, 2013
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
By far the most polished and consistent skin for MP. Really succeeds in providing the HTPC as an AV appliance experience. Hoping there is a MP1.3 update in the works...
bydziubelis, December 19, 2012
Its the best I tried. Sadly its not updated. Used it for a long time, I think since day one it was launched. Simple, clean, fast, customizable.
If you want something that is not "geeky" but can really be used in the context of a family living room then look no further - Avalon is the answer. Slick would be the best word to describe it.

In my view this should be the default skin. Sorry to say that, but really the "new" default skin (replacing Blue3) is a step backwards in terms of aethestics in my personal opinion. And it's aesthetics that gives a lot of the first impression to something like MediaPortal.

On a more obscure note, my (let's be honest) rather odd MediaPortal system only has a projector as a display, no LCD panel or similar. And it's a 4:3 projector - still relatively common even though 4:3 LCD panels are really dying out. I just want to say that Avalon essentially works on a 4:3 display with some stretched images (e.g. CD album cover art is rectangular). Personally I can live with it, well I _am_ living with it!
This skin is absolutely amazing. So many things to list, setting available from inside MP.

If you haven't tried it before - go! go ! go!
byMightyDetail, April 22, 2012
Great lookin Skin. Found just one Error. Background color and font color are the same in Guide (Selected).
bymadbros, February 28, 2012
0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Hm... Coole Optik. Gefällt mir von allen getesteten Skins am Besten.

ABER: Bin ich zu blöd oder gibt's keine Maussteuerung bei der Musikwiedergabe? Beim internen Videoplayer habe ich schöne Buttons, mit denen man die Wiedergabe auch mal pausieren kann. Musik? Fehlanzeige. Ich komme auch nicht per Rechtsklick irgendwo in den Hintergrund zurück ins Hauptmenü wie bei den Videos. Hier geht beim Rechtsklick das Dateimenü auf. Soll das so?

Da ich Musik meist nicht über den HTPC höre, stört das nicht wirklich, aber wenn doch, ist Avalon an der Stelle unbedienbar, da man nicht mal eben Pause (oder Stop) drücken kann.
Best looking Skin to date and functional/easy use.

Great work!
byychsel, December 6, 2011
0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Nachdem ich eine ganze Menge skins ausprobiert habe, muss ich sagen, dass dieses für mich die beste Mischung aus Funktion und Optik bietet. Es ist schön schlicht und beietet doch schnellen Zugriff auf die wichtigsten Funktionen. Der Support ist auch super. Das Skin bietet automatisch ein Update an, wenn vorhanden. Auf diese Weise wurde für den Mediaportal Wetter-Bug sehr schnell und einfach ein workaround zur Verfügung gestellt. Super Arbeit. Danke dafür!

Gut wäre noche ein MediaSlayer Unterstützung und die Untermenüs würde ich auch gerne im Basic-Homescreen einblenden können.
byibmonkey, October 28, 2011
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Since this is only a new skin, it is still a very professional looking. The best looking skin I've used, and anyone looking for a new skin should definitely try it out! Been a couple of small bugs but the dev is very quick to respond and release fixes.
byloc, October 26, 2011
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
I have been a fan of simple and elegant skins and Maya was one of my favorites except when 1.2 came out I couldn't get it to work so had to find something else. Have been using StreamedMP and still a fan but Avalon has brought a new fresh look with the simplicity and elegance i have been looking for!

The only niggles I have was the option to change the number of lines for the TV guide and mini guide (which the developer has addressed in a earlier comment) but also in the TV guide the light blue selector and the light blue writing makes it a little hard to read the upcoming shows when scrolling.

But it now my favorite running on all 4 of my clients that I have :-)

Thanks again and keep up the great work!
bybigj, October 23, 2011
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Brilliant skin.
Includes all the features I wanted:
- Fanart
- Recent recordings.
- A clear and consistent but stylish layout.

The only thing I've found to criticise is
that I wish the TV mini guide included more rows.
Otherwise, 99.9% perfect!

Thank you.
Owner's reply


You can set the tvminiguide to have eight rows in the skin config.
Settings->Skin Settings->TV

Hope that`s the thing you mean.


bycul8er, October 20, 2011
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Thank you for this amazing looking, fast, configurable skin. My new favorite. Great work, keep it up!
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