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MediaPortal 1.2.x
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The Black Glass HD skin is designed to be easy to use and has a simple and clear look. It should be controlled primarily with a remote or a keyboard. The resolution is 1920x1080. BasicHome screen should be used as default home page. The skin has been developed using Theatre as layout inspiration.

The skin has a stand alone editor which lets you edit your favorite basic home buttons and customise the background color of the whole skin. You can download the editor here: Black Glass HD 2.8.1 Basic Home Editor

Fanart is supported in every screen. It can be disabled during the installation process.

Using the Extras Package HD 2.8.1, several options are available:

  • Two layouts for TV/Radio Guide - 8 or 12 lines
  • Two layouts for myVideos shares - Posters or Thumbnails
  • Two layouts for Volume Osd - Centered squared or Top Horizontal
  • Three layouts for Osd - Border, Bottom or Top-Bottom
  • Three different sound schemes
  • Two different OSD Keyboards
  • Two different Tv Mini Guides
  • Possibility to remove static fanarts


Supported Plugins

  • AirPortal
  • Alarm
  • Anime 2
  • Blu-Ray / HD DVD plugin for Arcsoft player
  • Browse the Web
  • Burner
  • Chess
  • ClickMania
  • Clipta Video Search
  • Connect4
  • Daily Comics
  • Download Central
  • EarthTV
  • Emulators
  • Fanart Handler
  • FANatic Monitor
  • File Explorer
  • Films
  • Frustration
  • For The Record
  • FritzBox Manager
  • GeckoBrowser
  • Global Music Search
  • Hexxagon
  • HNBTecaj
  • HTPCInfo
  • IMAP & POP3 Email Manager
  • InfoService
  • Intelligent Frame Correction - IFC
  • IRSS MP Blast Zone
  • Lyrics
  • MediaSlayer
  • MediaTip
  • Minesweeper
  • Moving Pictures
  • MP3D 3D Renderer
  • MpeInstaller
  • mpNZB
  • MP-TV Series
  • Music (Songs/Genres)
  • Music Videos
  • Music Trivia
  • MvCentral
  • My Power Control
  • News RSS
  • OnlineVideos
  • Online Photos & Friends (Open Social)
  • Pictures
  • Plugins
  • Power Control
  • Programs
  • RadioTime
  • Rockstar
  • Scorecenter
  • Screen Control
  • Settings
  • Shoutcast directory
  • ShowTimes
  • Skype (Skype4Mp)
  • Simon
  • Sleep Control
  • Smartplaylists
  • Stocks & Indices
  • StreamRadio
  • SubCentral
  • Sudoku
  • Tetris
  • Teletext
  • Torrents
  • TV
  • TvWishList
  • Update Control
  • Videos (Shares/Titles)
  • Video Editor
  • Volume Control
  • Weather
  • Wifi Manager
  • Wikipedia
  • World Clock
  • WorldMap
  • World Weather
  • Yahtzee
Reviews (4)

The best skin ever
The best skin for me, it transform MP in the best and elegant, please do not stop your work...
Thanks a lot.

1 of 1 people found this review helpful
One of the most underrated skins out there
Clear, beautiful and it's all in full HD. The visuals of this skin are very well designed and just look great. The background images for each feature and plugin are quite professionally done, though you can easily replace them with different images if you want.

But I'd say the best thing about this skin is how many different plugins it supports. Just read that list. How many other skins can do that? It even supports some very old plugins such as MyPrograms, plus my own personal favorite, MyAnime2.

As of writing this, the current versions of the Black Glass skins need to be updated to work with newer versions of some plugins (e.g. WorldWeather) but the skin's author constantly works on it to keep up with things. Good support is good to have.

1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Why only one review?? This skin takes Mediaportal another level. Elegant, highly-specified and lovely to use. The Black Glass series of skins are truly a cut above!

0 of 3 people found this review helpful
Black Glass HD
Mediaportal 1.2.2. crashed after install,
Had to go through Mediaportal setup again.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your grateful evaluation on months of hard work!

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