DVB-S DiSEqC motor support

Written by ptmorpheus on .

Today I've added the first (prelimenary) support for DisEqC v1.2 motors
Before you start using it, let me warn you.

A typical DisEqC motor needs 500mA to work correctly. Sadly however
most tvcards cannot supply 500mA. This means that you cannot control
your DisEqc motor with those cards. If you try it anyway, the chance is
that you blow up your tvcard. So be carefull!!!

For those lucky ones who do have a tvcard which can supply 500mA
or have a seperate power source for the motor, the latest version
of the TvServer has the motor support in it. Its still very beta
but I would like to hear the results, so let me know!

Example of the motor control page:











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