MP2 development - almost alpha state

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It's some time ago that we had the last posting about MediaPortal 2. But that doesn't mean we are inactive. In the meantime, MP2 has reached a quite stable state, we have improved many existing functions and we have added needful functions and services like the notification service framework and a removable media processing framework.

It's unbelievable how much work it is to create such a stable and flexible MediaPortal engine, but now we have one. The current MP2 state contains a stable core system for client and server, an almost finished SkinEngine and many core and UI services to provide important functions for plugins. There was also much work done at the installer for the MP2 system.

Also the default plugins are far advanced - at least in the backend. One big TODO until we can offer an alpha version is the improvement of the UI to make MP2 show it's capabilities. We have to create nicer screens and add many user functions, for example for playlist management.

Thanks to all devs, testers, the docs team, the administrators and all interested people who are waiting patiently for the first official MP2 version!


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