Webinterface mistake

Written by Frodo on .

We've made a big mistake with the webinterface for the tvserver.

As some of you might already have heard, it contains some parts of webguide4. To be clear, these parts are gfx only and NOT code. The reason this happened is because during development we borrowed the gfx layout of webguide4 with the intention to replace all the gfx with MP's own ones before releasing.

Sadly.. we forgot to replace some of the gfx and remove gfx we didnt use.

We would like to apologize to the author of WebGuide4 for this mistake.

All layout files like gfx/css styles/scripts etc have been removed from SVN for now until we found out which ones are left-overs from WebGuide4 and need to be replaced with our own graphics/styles.


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