WANTED: New default skins

Written by DMAN on .

We are looking to have only one default 4:3 and one 16:9 skin for the next release of MediaPortal (0.3.0).

Why are we doing this you may ask... well two reasons actually.

  1. Because we wish to reduce the size of future releases.
  2. For 0.3.0 we plan to have a plugin & skin updater inside MediaPortal to allow you to easily add new features and designs without searching the web page or the forums right from your couch with your remote at your fingertips.

So with this in mind we need you to choose the default skins which will be included in the forthcoming releases.

To facilitate this decision making process we'll run a poll starting next week for a 4:3 skin and the week thereafter a 16:9 poll.

What we need is for all skinners to send in some screenshots of a skin for the voting poll. The screenshots should be of Home, My Music, My Videos and My Pictures at least. Additional screenshot submissions will be accepted. Please outline the name of the skin and the author's details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The skinner must be committed to working on this skin up until and beyond the 0.3.0 release. If not already the winning skinner/designer will gain SVN access to implement the updates as required.

What will you win? ...well a default skin in MediaPortal of course ;-)

Note: A 'working' or 'near working' skin should be submitted which should be 0.2.0 compatible. We do not wish to receive concepts and artwork. No disrespect is intended to existing skins or skinners in this news item in any regard.

Many thanks and good luck.

Stable patch for 0.2 release

Written by jlane628 on .

Although the team is very glad that many people test current svn releases we still want to point out that nightly svn builds are NOT updates or bugfixes of any kind.

Knowing that you are all anxious about new features or to see bugfixes for the last remaining showstoppers we've decided to integrate the most important fixes into the stable 0.2 release to make it even better.

I'll still try to collect important fixes and "little feature updates" which should not break anything to provide the HTPC users which need to watch the WAF with further "appoved" updates. Please keep in mind that 0.3 development has highest priority and this update is not a new release of MP - just a little present for you ;-)

This update is for clean 0.2 installations only and highly recommended. Update instructions are here.

Grab the update!

Click on 'read more' to see the list of changes.

MediaPortal 0.2 Release - most important changes

Written by rtv on .

The changelog grow to big? You just want the major changes? Here they are:  


  • "No signal" message does not disturb your TV sessions any longer
  • Lowered zapping delay almost down to the driver's capabilities
  • A new "Mini-EPG" has been mapped to the "OK" button which is very nice for zapping. You can also switch channel groups quickly with the "left/right" buttons
  • Zap to last channel now uses "0" button
  • EPG for channels which share the same frequency can now be merged
  • "DVD menu" button directly jumps to DVD playback now
  • Navigator issues fixed


  • MyMusic has better Various Artist handling
  • Audio player supports fast forward
  • Inbuilt support for CD importing


  • MyWeather plugin has been polished
  • Every plugin can be disabled now
  • TV movie (german guide data) direct DB support
  • Cutting plugin for dvr-ms and mpeg (even via remote)


  • The brandnew, high quality MPV/MPA codecs are included now. Although not using HW-Acceleration they often achieve amazing results while de-interlacing fast movement scenes. Being rock stable these should be your defaults if any problem occurs.
  • MCE remote buttons can be mapped individually now
  • Skip steps (jumping in timeshift/video files) can be configured now
  • Green Button can be used to switch between "Home" and "Basic Home"
  • The GUI can be calibrated to solve overscan issues
  • Pin protected shares working 100% reliable now
  • Almost every part supports multi-language now
  • Change skin and language "on the fly"
  • Added Support for maaaany TV cards
  • Hundreds of bugfixes for stability and speed
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