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This week the encryption of the german pay-tv provider 'Premiere' on DVB-S and DVB-C has been hacked. Nevertheless with MediaPortal it is still not possible to view any encrypted tv-channel without a valid subscription card (smartcard) for good reasons.

Everyone who is asking in the forum how it is possible to do so or is linking to files or tutorials that make it possible to do so will be rewarded with a post ban.

Certainly it is possible to watch and record encrypted channels with MediaPortal in the legal way. With a TV-Card + supported CI, a Conditional Access Module (CAM) and a valid subscription card (smardcard) of your pay-tv provider.

MediaPortal does not support any illegal way to record or view encrypted tv-channels!
MediaPortal policy on sattelite/cam/dvb hacking

MediaPortal 2 years old!!!

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It has happened.......

Registered: 2004-04-18 22:08
Thats the date and time we registered MediaPortal on Sourceforge...
Frodo had the great idea to make a media center on a pc-based system but he really wanted a digital video recorder. As he had written the larger part of the xbmc code @ that time he started by porting that code. It was a lot of fun.

The first forumtopic on XBMC forums is still alive :) I would suggest reading that as it is a fun read. Mediaportals first steps are in there!

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