4:3 Skin Winner is 3DMP

Written by DMAN on .

Well after a re-vote the 3DMP skin won the poll for the 4:3 skin.

Some devlopers are working very hard to bring the next generation of GUI engine based on xaml to reality. Hopefully this will be ready for the 0.3.0 release and obviously you can expect the default 4:3 skin to look like 3DMP from Vanessa.

Please submit your 16:9 skin's within the next couple of days so we can start a 16:9 poll.

Thanks for your votes & support!

Updater for MediaPortal

Written by jlane628 on .

Just another few updates for our community! 

Some users already noticed much better working DiSEqC with recent svn therefore the changes got into the stable tree although some cards may still have issues. 

Included is a new process plugin which will help adding some nifty features to MyMusic  some people might know from popular Linux players like amarok, banshee and co. 

This update is for all 0.2 installations without svn files.

Update instructions are here.

Grab the update!

Click on 'read more' to see the list of changes.

Updater for MediaPortal

Written by rtv on .

This update and all following will come with a new installer because some users had problems with the .rar-format. It checks for previously installed svn-snapshots and will not continue the update if found. 

If you have any problems or suggestions use the comments or contact.

Many thanks go to our users providing patches on sourceforge.net for this update. Like always we are glad to get your feedback!

This update is for clean 0.2 installations. As it includes all bugfixes after 0.2 you can also use it after patch1 and on already configured systems!

Update instructions are here.

Grab the update!

Click on 'read more' to see the list of changes.

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