TvEngine v3.0 status

Written by ptmorpheus on .

It's been a while since we mentioned the upcoming TV Engine v3.0. Since the first announcement a lot of progress has been made. So what happened since then?

Here's the current feature list:

  • supports dvb-c/s/t , atsc , SkyStar 2 and analog hardware cards
  • supports CI/CAM interface for firedtv/floppdtv and twinhan
  • epg grabber / mhw grabber
  • com skip/clean support
  • radio timeshifting & recording
  • multiple frontend support
  • multiple backend support (1 master server and multiple slave servers)
  • rtsp streaming

Things took a bit longer than expected. We had to rewrite some directshow filters from scratch to fix lipsync issues and implemented fast seeking. Currently those new filters and the new tv server are being tested and we hope to release the first preview soon.

To give you an idea of the new server, here are some screenshots of the management console:

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

TestTeam Forums moved to Official Forums

Written by h2698609 on .

I have promised in the forums that one last big change will come. - Here its is.

The MediaPortal TestTeam moved to the official forum.

I have started the TestTeam forum with the target to provide the testers with everything that improves the testing process.
Now with the switch to vBulletin as forum software we can finally provide every user with the features we used exclusively at the TestTeam forum.

Forums were down for maintenance

Written by jansonhedges on .

Sorry guys, we had to do some offline maintenance, which became necessary after the change.

Update: All is back up & running again. Due to some unexpected server problems we had to convert the old database again, so all posts that have been done on saturday after the switch to vBulleting got lost. It was not the new vBulletin software to blame.

We're very sorry for this inconvenience again, our admins are working hard on it, so that shouldn't happen again. They're now working on the last configuration steps and on bringing the "MP homepage" style back.

Let's all collect a handful of sleep and send them to luke, the main forums' main admin, he definately deserves it.

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