MediaPortal left them ALL behind

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The biggest swiss PC magazine "Online PC Zeitung" has tested 6 mediacenter applications in their June 2006 edition.
MediaPortal had to compete with Sceneo TV Central, Nero Premium, Showshifter, Cyberlink Power Cinema and Intervideo Home Theater Platinum and has left them all behind in almost all categories.
Best thing is: The magazine tested version 0.2 RC2, so they have missed the best fixes in stability and many other enhancements.

MediaPortal achieved the following ranking in the various categories:

  • 38 out of 45 points in features and usability (1st position)
  • 28 out of 30 points in compatibility (1st position)
  • 3 out of 10 points in installation, configuration and support (3rd position)
  • 15 out of 15 points in stability and licencing (1st position)

Click here to read the whole article (PDF in German language). Publishing was kindly permitted by the Online PC Zeitung editorial office.

Encrypted TV-Channels

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This week the encryption of the german pay-tv provider 'Premiere' on DVB-S and DVB-C has been hacked. Nevertheless with MediaPortal it is still not possible to view any encrypted tv-channel without a valid subscription card (smartcard) for good reasons.

Everyone who is asking in the forum how it is possible to do so or is linking to files or tutorials that make it possible to do so will be rewarded with a post ban.

Certainly it is possible to watch and record encrypted channels with MediaPortal in the legal way. With a TV-Card + supported CI, a Conditional Access Module (CAM) and a valid subscription card (smardcard) of your pay-tv provider.

MediaPortal does not support any illegal way to record or view encrypted tv-channels!
MediaPortal policy on sattelite/cam/dvb hacking

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