MediaPortal 2 years old!!!

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It has happened.......

Registered: 2004-04-18 22:08
Thats the date and time we registered MediaPortal on Sourceforge...
Frodo had the great idea to make a media center on a pc-based system but he really wanted a digital video recorder. As he had written the larger part of the xbmc code @ that time he started by porting that code. It was a lot of fun.

The first forumtopic on XBMC forums is still alive :) I would suggest reading that as it is a fun read. Mediaportals first steps are in there!

MediaPortal RC4 released

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Today we announce...  Another release candidate!

We released this version to celebrate our 2nd anniversary, to help test some recent setup changes and to also provide a nice shiny setup release for some people who are looking for an alternative media center application. Not much has changed from RC3 apart from some bugs being squashed, a few more tv-cards being supported - oh, not to forget mofux' marvellous new MiniEPG and mPod's excellent MCE remote custom configuration option.

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V1.8.0 - released July 2014
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