Forums' changes - Mission accomplished!

Written by jansonhedges on .

We switched our forum software from phpBB to vBulletin. Thanks for your patience during the switch. All should be working normally now.

Please note: If you had an account on the old forums already, visit this thread for information on what account settings you should set manually after the switch. 

Even the old forum links are valid again thanks to high's & luke's great teamwork. The design also matches much more the general homepage style now, thanks to i-loop who also did a lot of administration (luke as well, of course) to get it all working normally again.

Thanks to you all for your great teamwork, guys!

MediaPortal contains spyware?

Written by ptmorpheus on .

On the internet some rumors are floating around that MediaPortal contains spyware

Please note that this is simply not true. MediaPortal does not contain any spyware or viruses. All our sources are free for downloading and anybody can check its spyware free. Also we received recommendations from sites like softpedia that MP is spyware free.


But if people download MediaPortal from some other server , bittorrent or emule link then offcourse we can not guarantee this. As always on the internet be carefull with the things you download & install on your pc. If you download MediaPortal from then you are safe. If you decide to use a copy you got from somebody or downloaded somewhere else then be aware it might contain viruses or spyware. 

MP is adware/spyware free








Updater for MediaPortal

Written by jlane628 on .

This update includes the new "scrobbling" features to automatically fill your playlist with songs you would like!

You will also notice that MediaPortal consumes less CPU power now. Especially users suffering from > 50% system load while listening to music should see a significant drop now. 

This update is for all 0.2 installations without svn files.

Update instructions are here.

Grab the update!

Click on 'read more' to see the list of changes.

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