New forum section "MediaPortal Tools"

During some extensive debug sessions the last weeks/months we developed various test/debug tools.
Some of these tools might be also quite interesting for all users, so we decided to create a new forum section called "MediaPortal Tools".
You can find the new forum section as the last one in the hirarchy.
Currently there are 3 tools (TsPacketChecker, MPTail, MPTvClient).
These tools are already in SVN and the sources can be downloaded via the "SVN URL" in every section's "Introduction & Features" sticky thread.

So we hope some of these tools might be of help for you Smile

Please note that improvement suggestions might take some to be implemented and the main focus is on MP I, MP II and TvServer so it's possible that these tools won't make much progress anymore.

MediaPortal TVServer now supports LATM AAC audio streams!

This is especially important for New Zealand and Norgwegian DVB-T users.

Special thanks go out to RadScorpion (Igor) who adjusted his LATM capable AAC decoder to work with our file reader / demuxer filter.
You can see some information about this decoder here...

To make this work you need to install SVN release 17664 or later of MediaPortal and TVServer / TVClient plugin.
The TVClient plugin comes with RadScorpion's AAC decoder as part of the install package.

All you have to do is setup the AAC codec via MediaPortal Configuration under Television.

Note: If you have the Monogram AAC decoder already installed I would suggest de-registering it.

Enjoy your TV experience for those users who can now receive the benefits.

MediaPortal II gets opensource wpf engine

Some people wondered why we didnt use WPF for our skinengine.
WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) , is a new technology from Microsoft for creating really cool GUIs
Although WPF is a wonderfull piece of technology, it also has some major drawbacks. One of those drawbacks is that there is no way to integrate WPF with DirectX and/or DirectShow. Although WPF contains its own internal video player that player is so limited and unusable for an application like MediaPortal. Some other drawbacks are the focus/input management and offcourse the fact that its closed source

That said, WPF still rocks. Skinners get really nice features like vector graphics, linear& radial gradient brushes, image brushes, panels, storyboards, triggers, animations etc etc etc

So I have started on a new mission:
For MP-II I'm creating my own opensource version of WPF

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In reaching this goal we are working every day to make sure our software is one of the best.


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