Team Update Blog #2

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Team Update Blog

#2 (11/3/11)


I know everyone was hoping that this weeks blog would focus on the details of my “Electric Wire” collection and all of it’s different types, lengths and colors of plastic coating. Unfortunately I will have to save that for another time as there has been a lot of action in MediaPortal development and it’s community. Let’s kick it off with MP1:



MediaPortal 1


With the release of 1.2.2 getting nearer development has been moving along quickly. The Blu Ray Handler is gaining speed and could very well be included in a future release. Also a candidate for a future release, the LAV Filters have also proven to be very helpful and a new release,, looks to have improved performance.

A lot of time has been spent on working out a new weather solution for MediaPortal asthe previous API is no longer an option. There are plugins that offer a temporary, or optional, solution such as World Weather, BBC Weather and yrWeather. These plugins were covered in our last blog, While You Were Sleeping: Plugins #2.

As for bugfixes, well there have been many small ones and a couple large ones all being worked out. Too many to list here, so be looking for that information at the launch of 1.2.2.



Wiki has been going at a steady pace, but truthfully it could be picked up some more. Our documentation team has been working very hard, but increased support from users and developers are the only way to get it up to speed. Do you know a lot about a feature of MediaPortal, a plugin or a skin? Then please log on to the wiki and share your knowledge.


MediaPortal 2


Well, big steps have been taken with MP2. The show stopper issue with EVR and flickering during video playback, has seen some vast improvement and we are closer to a solution. A few details still need to be hammered out and we could use your help by sharing your thoughts here.

Some skin engine changes have been made, namely to remove the multi threading problems. We believe all of the issues here have been resolved, save for one lone issue that the MP2 team has been unable to recreate. The Blu Ray handler has also been reworked a bit and is offering better results.

Hope this info gives you some insight into the goings on within the team. And please remember your help, in any way, is always appreciated. That’s the true beauty of MediaPortal being open source!

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