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I would like to take a moment and explain our "What Sayeth You?" blog. The concept and rules are very simple. A skin, plugin or base MP feature will be detailed in the blog, and the community throws in their "two cents". At the bottom of the blog is a section for you to place your comments and we ask that you follow a very simple pattern. We do not believe in tearing something down, without building it up first so please follow the formula of "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly". Please use this formula to let us know what you like (the good), how it could function better (the bad) and how it might look better (the ugly). At the end of the blog I will place my comments as an example.

Some of you are saying "That is what the forum threads are for!" or "If they want more they need to raise an issue!". These statements, albeit true, can be a turn off. Not everyone wants to post in a thread with 50 pages of posts, and not everyone understand how raising an issue works. Here we are offering and easy solution for you to say what you want without jumping through hoops. I would like to point out that this blog is a courtesy, and if you are serious about your issues, you should raise them in the proper place and not wait for the feature, plugin or skin to be in the "What Sayeth You?" blog.


What Sayeth You?: MP-TVSeries

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MP-TVSeries Links:  Forum  -  Homepage  -  GoogleCode  -  Wiki

 MP-TVSeries is a popular plug-in focusing on managing the user's TV Series library with minimal user interaction, allowing for a more user friendly and ease of use experience.

The MP-TVSeries plugin will scan local, or network, drive(s) for video files, it then analyzes them by their path & file naming structure to determine if they are TV Shows. If the file(s) are recognized then the plugin will go online and retrieve information about them from theTVDB.org. You can then browse, manage and play your episodes from inside MediaPortal in a nice graphical layout.

The information it retrieves is automatic, but any user can add and update information. User can also create custom series with information and artwork, for example Sports, or unaired programming for kids.

The plug-in utilizes all of the features MP has to offer, like all 5 different views, playing of subtitles and playlists. MP-TVSeries also integrates with SubCentral, Trakt, Fan Art Handler, Latest Media Handler and is support by every popular skin.

It can be argued that MP-TVSeries is hands down, the most popular plug-in for MediaPortal.

So.... What Sayeth You?

Now it is time for...




The Good - MP-TVS offers me a 99% flawless experience with organizing and displaying my TV shows. I really like how, with recent updates, I am now allowed to add my sports. I now have a very professional arrangement of all my football, baseball, basketball and even Olympic games!!!

The Bad - I would like it if MP-TVS would take initiative to change to the next season and episode automatically. See issue #603. I would also like it if it handled multiple episode ISOs. See issue #133. I know there are some major showstoppers keeping 133 from reality, but hey... I want what I want =)

The Ugly - Most of how a plugin looks is due to the skin, but I think MP-TVS would be better if the genre view allowed for other views than "List" some nice banners or posters for each genre theTVDB allows would be good.


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