Animation effects

Written by ptmorpheus on .

Isn't opensource beautiful? 

After spending some time again with my previous project XboxMediaCenter I was very impressed by the progress these guys are making. Their skin engine includes very nice animation effects like fading, sliding, rotations etc.

Since XBoxMediaCenter is also an opensource project, we started porting their animation effects to MediaPortal. The first results are already in SVN but it will be extended to full support in the upcoming days.

I want to thank all XBMC guys for their work and letting us borrow their code!


All new animations tags are described in the wiki


Changelog for

Written by jlane628 on .

Although there were almost uncountable svn changes here is a list which should sum most things up. You might guess that many things noted in one line may have been work of serveral weeks and a dozen fixes.

TV Server Daily Builds

Written by ptmorpheus on .

Many people didnt notice that you can download daily builds of the Tv Server

You can check which bugs are known and fixed in mantis.

(Be sure to choose the tvengine project)

As said earlier please report any issues,questions, feedback in our forums

Over the last few days, the following things are already fixed:

- 0000850: UK DVB-T channels don't grab EPG data
- 0000853: dvb epg is not grabbed
- 0000847: no audio/video in mp. vlc works fine
- 0000848: Frequency offsets are not used when scanning DVBT channels
- 0000846: If you stop recording from MP, then timeshifting is stopped also
- 0000845: Epg data in MHW format is not grabbed for some channels
- 0000844: Tv channels, the sort order of the channels is always set to 1
- 0000843: Frequency offsets for analog channels
- 0000823: add support for cvbs/svhs inputs
- 0000842: Changes are not saved when editing a tvchannel
- 0000806: Plugin architecture
- 0000841: Cards are busy when trying to view a xmltv imported tv channel
- 0000840: Database problems with date/times


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