How to start writing your own plugin

How to start writing your own plugin part 1 available

MediaPortal is searching for new developers to speed up development and fullfill all the feature requests we have seen in the forums. To help new developers we are starting a series of articles on how to write plugins. The first part is now available and can be downloaded
Microsoft Word 2003 document
Sourcecode Release news!

There are going to be three releases for version, mainly because Master Frodo is taking a well earned month off to venture down-under to Australia. So  there will be a pre-release on the 2nd of September then another on the 22nd of  October with an aim to release on the 5th of November.

Note: The 2nd of September release will not have all of the features listed  below... After the 22nd of October release we will be happy to take CVS snapshot  bugs in the forum provided the poster deletes the bug after he or she has  determined with a subsequent CVS update that the bug no longer exists. When  posting please use the date and time stamp for the CVS build.

So, here is the plan for the next release...

TV (Frodo & Agree)

  • Transport Stream recording/ timeshifting
  • Dynamic switching  between AC3/MPEG audio
  • DVB: Subtitles
  • DVB: Logical US channel selection
  • DVB:  No/bad signal notification
  • DVB: channel not broadcasting (or scrambled)  notification

My Radio (Frodo)

  • Radio recording and timeshifting

Setup (Frodo & James)

  • Finishing the Setup Wizard in MP
  • Finishing the settings  menu in MP
  • Writing our own xmltv grabber

MyMail (Waeberd)

  • Hotmail Support
  • HTML Mail Viewer
  • IMAP 4 Support

My Programs (Waeberd)

  • All game scraper with MP (F3 key)
  • Dynamically add new ROMs  in MyPrograms

Direct Input (Waeberd)

  • Handle connects / reconnects of joysticks while MP is  running

General (Smirnoff)

  • Skinning engine enhancements
  • General search keyboard in all  views
  • MCE Customized keyboard mapping as an option to the canned mapping -
  • allow  each key to be custom for any trigger event within MP
  • Adjustable font sizes

My Pictures (Smirnoff)

  • Picture crop

MP Web Interface (Maschine)

  • Fix the last bugs to get a release version of the MP Webinterface
  • done a web based editor for the Movies database (as module for the  MP Webinterface)

We have a lot more on the list for MyRadio & MyMusic but we are short of  developers, remember if you're handy with C# then...

MediaPortal WANTS YOU!

There are some new enhancements in CVS to date that I can tell you of... Add a  .m3u or .pls playlist file into your Pictures folder and whenever you browse  those photo's the music in the playlist will play provided the playlist is  called 'folder.m3u' or 'folder.pls' You can now press F3 in the MyPrograms GUI  with ROMs to get All Games selection, game-data & thumbs etc. A bug launching  OpenGL games when MediaPortal was always on top has been fixed. You can now have a pre-lauch and post launch batch job assigned to the run before a game is started to allow you to say mount and CD image using Daemon-Tools.


0.2.0 Release Candidate 2 delayed

Unfortunately the scheduled 0.2.0 Release Candidate 2 has been delayed until the TV support is more stable and a few more bugs are closed off in Mantis.

The team is still interested in recruiting more developers handy with DirectShow and C# or C++ to assist in improving the current engines for TV. If you have such skills, are interested in helping to develop MediaPortal TV engines further and have free time to do so then please contact us either via email or through IRC.

About The Project

The vision of the MediaPortal project is to create a free open source media centre application, which supports all advanced media centre functions, and is accessible to all Windows users.

In reaching this goal we are working every day to make sure our software is one of the best.


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