MediaPortal 2 - Summer '15 Update 1 Release

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After the release of the Summer'15 version we unfortunately noticed problems which needed to be addressed quickly. We improved our installation routines, have fixed the TV related and other issues and as result we now provide the "Summer'15 Update 1 Release". This release is mainly a bug fix release, but there are also interesting new features to discover! The Update 1 is generally recommended to install for MediaPortal 2 users.

MediaPortal Provides Alternatives for Media Center Users

Now that Microsoft has dropped Media Center in Windows 10, MediaPortal is providing great alternative(s).

The update process of older Windows versions to the brand new Windows 10 is moving on quite quickly. Coming with many advantages, it also brings the end for a long used component: the Media Center.

The Team MediaPortal notices an increase of downloads of both MediaPortal 1 and MediaPortal 2 at the time when Windows 10 update started to be delivered. Besides the raw numbers, there is also a trend regarding download origins: now the United States are on top with ~30 percents! So we like to take the opportunity to say...

Welcome Media Center users!

We would like to encourage you to try MediaPortal. As a first step you have to decide what kind of product you prefer:

  • Do you like a rock stable, feature rich, all-in-one solution with a huge amount of community plugins? Then try MediaPortal 1.12. It's the latest stable version of our good old baby.
  • Or do you like a modern infrastructure, newest features and a from scratch fresh coded solution, that overcomes the issues that MediaPortal 1.12 has? Then try Mediaportal 2 Summer 15' Release. It's the latest version of our brand new product.

What are the differences?

MediaPortal comes to users in 2 different versions. Although the names sound equal, the products are not. MediaPortal 1 and MediaPortal 2 are different products. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Both products are and will be under further development.

If you are a new users and like to try MediaPortal 2, please also check the recent development snapshots. They fix some of the known issues with the official SR'15 version, mainly the TV support and installation of dependencies. Check this forum for downloads!

If you have problems with MediaPortal 2, you still can use MediaPortal 1, which some see as more matured and feature rich. The products are following different design approaches, so the best thing is to try both of them to get an own impression.

What's coming next?

In the next weeks we will provide an update for the MediaPortal 2 Summer'15 Release, which will contain the already done fixes and new features. So stay tuned for updates and remember to check the development snapshots...

Some stats about...

MediaPortal 2 Summer 15' Release:

MP2 Downloads 7dbd9

...and for MediaPortal 1.12

MP1 Downloads 03702

These are very good numbers for both MediaPortal 1 and 2!

MediaPortal 2 - Summer '15 Release

MediaPortal 2 - Summer '15 Release

 MP2 Client Splashscreen 44602

We are proud to release the "Summer '15 Release", providing users a new, vastly improved version of the next generation of MediaPortal. There are many new features and performance improvements in this release. MediaPortal 2 will continue to improve and evolve, but in the mean time install this version to see the impressive current features and support.

Be sure to read the instructions at the end of this article regarding installation, upgrade and extension compatibility.

About The Project

The vision of the MediaPortal project is to create a free open source media centre application, which supports all advanced media centre functions, and is accessible to all Windows users.

In reaching this goal we are working every day to make sure our software is one of the best.


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