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Filter are used to narrow the amount of files to be returned, when reading the file system or querying the database.



File Filters are used in following ways: * Select a file Format from the combo to have only files in the selected format listed. e.g. *.ogg * Enter a File mask to have only fies listed, matcjhing the file mask. e.g. A* - all fies starting with "A"   If filteriing should be done on the content of Tags, then the Tag Filter should activated as described below.      

Tag Filter

The Tag filter examines the tags of the files as they are read and compares them against the activated Filter Value. Only files, whose Tags matches the entered filter values will be displayed in the Tracks Grid.

How to activate a Tag Filter

Check the "Use Tag Filter" Check box.

Select a Tag Field from the combo. We have 3 different kind of fields:

  • Character Fields: Artist, Album, Title, etc.
  • Numeric Fields: Year, Track, Bitrate, BPM, etc.
  • Check Box Fields: Picture and Lyrics. indicate if you want files with or without Picture/Lyrics

In the Filter field you may enter the filter Value. Possible Values are:

  • Empty Value: if you want to list all files with e.g. an empty Artist or Album Field
  • Wild Card: use "*" as a wild card to match any number of characters. use "?" to match a single character. e.g. A* = Tag starts with "A". *and* = Tag contains the word and.
  • Comparison (numeric only): =, <=, >=, <, >
  • Negation: place a "!" as the first character in the filter and it'll do a negation. e.g. ! lists all non-empty tags

New filter lines are added by pressing the INS-Key or selecting "Insert Filter" from the context menu. Filter lines are deleted by pressing the DEL-Key or selecting "Delete Filter" from the context menu.

Multiple filters can be joined using "and" and/or "or" Operator. "and" is the default.



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