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You may contribute to MediaPortal by adding documentation to this MediaPortal Wiki, whether it is documentation about installing, setting up, using, customizing, testing, developing MediaPortal, or even adding content to our HTPC Hard/Software Section to help users build and upgrade their HTPC.

The MediaPortal Wiki is a collaborative project; anyone can contribute straight from their web browser (although Opera is not well supported for editing).

Wiki Access

To contribute to the Wiki you need to register first.

This will also give you access to the Help pages on Contributing to the Wiki which you can also view by using  the Help option on the Wiki Menu at any time.

Adding Content

Any good answers you find, or write, in the user forums should be added to this Wik,i then they can be kept up to date and found easily by all users.

  1. First Browse the Navigation Pane, or use the Wiki Search to see if the information already exists, and to find the best location to add it.
  2. Follow the Documenation Standards outlined under Contributing to the Wiki
  3. Contact the Docs Group for assistance - see Wiki Support
  4. When adding a new page or user guide, always add your name and date to the page as Author and last updated.

You can also help new users by contributing to Home Theatre PC - user guides to HTPC hardware.

Documentation Standards

For help on using our Wiki and following our documentation standards, please read Wiki Help > Contributing to the Wiki

Note: The Docs Group will revise your contributions to conform to our standards, or get back to you to request further information.



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  1. Most links on this page are broken, resulting in 404: Page not found errors.

    The only ones that work are "register" and "Home Theatre PC".

    I will try to find (or create) appropriate targets for the others, but would be grateful for any tips (wink)