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This guide has been written for people that reside in Australia and currently use the ISP (Internet Service Provider) TPG. TPG offer to their customers additional features such as IPTV. These streams can only be viewed from their network and they recommend using their embedded VLC player on thier web page to view the stream. With the help of some plugin's developed by people in MediaPortal and additional information on the Web, I have been able to integrate it into MediaPortal as if it is any other TV channel...including EPG data.

Please note that there is a bit of manual database entry and configuration but it is worth it in the end if you find the IPTV content valuable.


MediaPortal 1.0 RC4 (no svns) MediaPortal TVServer 1.0 RC4 (no svns) SQL Server Management Studio Express IPTV Plugin designed by mikeyko EPG Downloader Service by Big_Kev

Confirm that TPG IPTV is working with your router and that it can be accessed vis the TPG IPTV web Interface. Do not continue until this has been confirmed to work.


It is assumed that you have installed MediaPortal with the TV Server (not the inbuilt version) and it is working OK with other TV channels (i.e DVB-T,etc).

  1. Install IPTV Plugin designed by mikeyko. Follow all his instructions to get this plugin to work. When it comes time to scan the channels, come back to this guide to complete as scanning of the TPG IPTV channels does not work within TV Server for some reason.
  2. Download TPG_IPTV_Channels_SQLScript.txt and then open with a text editor (eg.notepad.exe). Select all text and copy to the clipboard.
  3. Open SQL Server Management Studio Express (can be downloaded and installed for free) and login to the DB Server
  4. Expand Databases and find the TV Server Database (usually MpTvDbRC4 )
  5. Now select new File\New\Query with Current Connection or New Query button on menu bar
  6. This now opens a new window on the right hand side. Ensure in the menu bar that the database selected in the drop down box is the TV Server Database. RIght click in this new window and select paste.
  7. Next is to execute this query. to do this, from the menu bar click the execute button. This will run the script and result should be given at the bottom of the page wher it says "35 records updated" twice.
  8. You can now close down the SQL Management program, select No to any save messages if asked.
  9. Open Up TV Server Configuration and go to the TV Channels secton. In there now you should see all the channels TPG transmit. You now need to complete the standard TV Setup
  10. First is to map all the TPG channels to the IPTV Plugin card
  11. Second is to only select and arrange the channels you want visible in you guide. Note not all Telephone exchanges transmit all channels so only select the channels that are available to you in your area.
  12. Next is to setup the EPG component. I use EPG Downloader Service by Big_Kev to do this as this alows me to get my EPG frlom the DVB-T for my normal channels and also update the IPTV stuff via the web. Installation is simple, just follow his guide to install and configure. The URL I use is the following :- You will notice at the end of the url there is tz=nsw . You can change the last three letters to your state to ensure the correct guide is given.

That's it for now. I will be adding some links to Logo's once I have got them.

Please let me know if more information is required or the scripts need changing in any way. This can be done through this thread.



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