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Documentation is an important part of MP2. It describes essential elements of our software and explains its use in more detail, beyond the short online helper information that is provided within the software.

While the number of Wiki entries has increased, it still misses a lot. Also, with the software continuously growing and improving, some parts are meanwhile deprecated or require updates. We welcome every helping hand to improve the current status with the goal to allow newcomers as well as advanced users to quickly find answers to their questions.

Where to add content

If you hesitate to directly add content to the MP2 Wiki, you can also create new content in the MP2 draft section, where it will be picked up by a team member.

Kinds of Documentation

Documentation may be created for all kind of things. Your contributions could for example address:

  • Explanation of the MP2 settings and configuration options
  • Tutorials, e.g.
    • Quick installation and setup
    • How do I configure the EPG
    • Quick installation and setup
  • Amend the Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ)
  • Special use cases

These are just examples, there's no limit to what content you can write about. The forum is full of questions - and answers to them - that often describe the same recurring challenges. Capturing these standard problems and transferring knowledge to Wiki would be a great enrichment for the community.

Requirements for Documentation

We invite you to apply some minimum standards when creating new entries in the Wiki:

Wiki Standards

Your descriptions should be

  • Comprehensive - describe the subject completely so that everybody else can follow you
  • Concise - please keep things reasonably short and simple
  • Illustrative - use for example screenshots (or even short video sequences)
  • Structured - use headers, paragraphs, ...  Your content should also appeal the eye

Recommendations for pictures

  • Use jpg files rather than png ones
  • Embedd pictures in expandable small, mid or large size format
    • Avoid "original", which will take the complete screen width. Text is much better readable if you don't have to continuously scroll because every other line of text there is a full size picture.
    • You can adjust the size on the fly by just clicking on the picture and change the parameters.

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  1. Most of what is on this page would apply equally to contributing to the MP1 wiki.  Why not have a common topic "Contributing to the Wiki" under "MediaPortal Wiki - Getting Started"?