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This page contains all settings, that allow modifications to the front end behaviour according to your needs.


Background video

Enable help texts

Enable FanArt

Enable touch display support

If touch display support is enabled, menus won't slide in/out automatically any more, but only on press of the menu button.

  • A first press on a menu tile selects the home content (instead of auto selection on focus)
  • A second press loads the corresponding media library

Enable round menu tiles

You can toogle between the square menu tiles (default) and round menu tiles.

Appearance with round tiles in home menu:

Appearance with round tiles in side menu:

Show home menu content on selection rather than on focus

Fanart Visibility

Enable loop scrolling

Enable auto scrolling

Select skin color scheme

You can select predefined color schemes in the skin settings and all areas of the skin will be affected immediately.
Predefined is the torquoise color setting.


Purple color scheme:


Grey color scheme:


Enable Age Certification Logos



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