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  • Upgrade Spring '16

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  • Uninstall the existing Spring '16 setup from the Windows Control panel
    Your data are safe. TV database and user settings, as well as media information database are preserved
  • On the client
    • Terminate the MP2 Launcher: right-click on the small orange MP2 icon in the taskbar and select Close
    • Terminate the ServerMonitor:  right click on the small light-green MP2 icon in the taskbar and select Close

  • Now run the installer of the new MediaPortal version
    The installer will recognize the Spring '16 information and migrate user settings as well as the existing TV database.
    The media information database of Spring '16 has an old data format that can not be used anymore.

Since the media source paths are path information is stored in the media database you need to re- define redefine your media sources after the installation of  MediaPortal MediaPortal 2.1pre1 and higher.

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