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Local PathNameFunction
\SpectrumAnalyzer.xmlHolds values from above in XML
skin\$CurrentSkinSkinSpectrumAnalyzer.xmlPer skin values - optional
skin\$CurrentSkin\Media\spectrumSpectrum.pngSpectrum line
skin\$CurrentSkin\Media\spectrumPeak.pngPeak image


Additiona information for Designers, options and values used.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<section name="Enabled"> # Plugin enabled Y/N
<entry name="Spectrum">yes</entry> # Spectrum display enabled Y/N
<entry name="SpectrumPeak">yes</entry> #Display Spectrum Peak Y/N
<entry name="SpectrumVUMeter">yes</entry> #Use plugin to provide LED type VU meter function Y/N
<section name="SpectrumAnalyzer">
<entry name="SpectrumImage">Spectrum\Spectrum.png</entry> #Default path to Spectum image, image displayed same wa as 'progress bar'
<entry name="SpectrumPeakImage">Spectrum\SpectrumPeak.png</entry> #Default path to spectrum peak image - displayed as is.
<entry name="SpectrumSpacing">5</entry> #Defaul tspacing between the spectral lines.
<entry name="SpectrumCount">16</entry> #Number of spectral lines to display.
<entry name="SpectrumMax">16</entry> #Number of steps within the spectrum
<entry name="SpectrumShow">Single</entry> #Use single display [expanded image] or set of mutiple images, one per spectral step [see Alternate Display XLM for example].

Skin variables