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Skin expressions (functions and properties) provide great flexibility to the skin designer, but sometimes simple property replacement is not enough. One such case is when you need to combine a property with a localized string. Skin expressions provide a way to calculate more complex operations based on skin properties, localizable strings, and otherothers.

A skin expression is a construct that allows calculations to be performed on property values and the result substituted in the releavant relevant skin control tag/attribute. It can be used (almost) anywhere a property can, e.g. as a label text, a texture filename, etc. It can even be used within <define> tags to avoid repeating the same expression over and over. It cannot however be used in visibility conditions.


MediaPortal comes with a set of core skin functions that can be used in skin xml.  Plugin Developers can provide additional custom functions through their plugins. All functions - core and custom - are treated equally. The only difference is that core functions are guaranteed to be present in every MediaPortal installation.

Currently the following core functions, grouped in categories, are supported: