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LAV Filters, allow you to play most audio and video formats 'out of the box'. No need to install codec packs or separate codecs and filters. You can install LAV Filters with as of MediaPortal 1.3.0, via the Revision 2156: Added auto backup and restore for database volume if corrupt. If the database iRevision 2155: Added RatedAt fields to the OnlineSeries, OnlineEpisode and Seasons table. This Revision 2154: Removed plugin override of button labels in skin side menu. Updated Default and Revision 2153: Created tag for v4.2.2 release.Revision 2152: Published v4.2.2 release.Extension Installer Extesnion Installer (MPEI) or from the LAV Filters listing in our downloads repository.


You can find the recent changes in the .


Some additional info can be found on FFmpeg multimedia librariesCHANGELOG.txtnevcairiel's blog.

If you want to get involved in the project or give feedback directly, visit the .


Please report LAV issues on the Doom9 ForumGoogle Code Issues page.

Source Code



The project resides on GitHub, where you can find additional info, give feedback, report issues, examine the source code or contribute to the project.


Although LAV Filters are provided as an Extension, as of MediaPortal 1.3.0, you may choose to install  LAV Filters with MediaPortal or not, even when upgrading. It is highly recommended to install it for 'out the box' playback of all your media files.


Download and install the updated versions via the Extension Extesnion Installer (MPEI) or from the LAV Filters listing in our downloads repository.