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This Wiki section is the main User's Guide for those who are new to MediaPortal..  It describes how to navigate and use the main features and plugins installed with MediaPortal. 


So, you have 've successfully prepared your system, installed MediaPortal and completed the quick setup to configure your remote, maybe even weather setup, and can start MediaPortal with your 'Green button'. You're ready to go.Although using MediaPortal is quite easy, there are some important basics about the user interface which will help you get up to speed quickly quick setup? Well then: you're ready to start using MediaPortal!

Using MediaPortal is very intuitive. See Basics to learn about the MediaPortal interface.


Navigating the MediaPortal interface is very intuitive.  There are navigation features you may choose according to the input device you use : (remote control, keyboard, mouse, touch screen, or other external devices like mini displays).  See Navigation to learn the options available such as:


Context Menus

Context menus allow enable you to perform additional actions supported by which are relevant for the window displayedyou're using.  They are 're sometimes called dialogs because they allow you to interact with MediaPortal.