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Table of Contents




Using Skins in MediaPortal.


For an overview, see Skins: a visual extravaganza on our website.

In MediaPortal, a skin is more than just a theme. In fact some skins provide different themes as part of the skin.  Skins  not only offer different aesthetics, pleasing different tastes, but some even rearrange elements of the user interface.


As of v 1.3.0 MediaPortal offers the new Titan skin for HD (1920x1080) screens:

Image Modified

Titan Extended offers additional features, such as the Titan Skin Updater, as well as support for additional plugins, and can be installed with MediaPortal 1.3.0 or later.


There are many skins available for MediaPortal, for different screen sizes, styles and offering more features if you prefer them. See our Skins Gallery for a preview.  One is sure to suit your taste.  Often these skins are based on Default//wide skin, and you will find several variations using different colors, graphics and styles.

See the Skins Downloads Repository for all the skins currently available for MediaPortal. Be sure to check the version of MediaPortal to ensure  you select a skin for your current installed version.


If you wish to try one of the many excellent skins designed for MediaPortal, there are several places to browse and find them:

  • Skins Gallery - provides a nice overview of all our popular skins
  • Skins Downloads section of our downloads repository, where you can even search for skins that support your installed version of MediaPortal and find the latest skins
  • Skins Installer - the MediaPortal Extensions Installer or MPEI, lets you browse, install, uninstall, update view screenshots and even configure skins that use our standard installer
  • Extensions > Skins - for documentation on each skin
  • Skins Forum - to see all the latest skins in development, and for skin support.