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Comment: Clarified action of "Refresh DVB EPG".


This button can be used to stop/start the TV Service. If clients are connected when this is depressed, all clients will lose connection and they will have to re-select the channel they were watching once the service is back up. Stopping the service will free all tv cards so they can be accessed by other programs.

Refresh DVB EPG

This button, when pressed instructs the TV Service to restart the EPG Grabbing function for all channels defined in TV Channels/TV EPG Grabber section. This does not trigger an xml import and will most likely delete all EPG information currently stored.

Note: If you select the Refresh DVB EPG button to initiate an immediate grab of the EPG, an EPG grab occurs only if:

  • You have enabled EPG grabbing while idle and you are not watching or recording a programme, or
  • You have enabled EPG grabbing while timeshifting/recording and you are currently watching or recording an appropriate channel.

If neither of these conditions is true, the Refresh DVB EPG button does nothing.

Test or record a channel