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  • Display timeout (sec.) - Default: 0
    This is the number of seconds that the OSD remains on the screen.  Once this time has passed, MP removes the OSD from the screen.

    A value of 0 means that the OSD remains on the screen until removed by the user.  For the info OSD, press the BACK button on the remote control, or the ESC key on the keyboard.  For the pause OSD, the OSD remains on the screen until play is resumed.

    Note: if you want the OSD to remain on the screen until you remove it, it is better to specify for display timeout a very large value instead of 0. The reason for this is that a value of 0 has an undesirable side effect, whereas a large value such as 1000000 (one million) does not. The undesirable side effect causes the pause OSD to display the wrong information if you pause live TV immediately after switching to another channel via the TV guide.

Zap On-Screen Display

To speed up channel surfing, MediaPortal offers a Zap OSD.  The behaviour of the zap OSD can be controlled by using the settings described below.