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IRSS (IR Server Suite) is a separate application - a collection of tools and plugins and can be used with both MediaPortal 1 and 2. Many tools can be used independently of MediaPortal as well.

Getting Started

IRServerSuite is a collection of Tools and plugins. {a small text/overview}


  • Installation: How to install IRServer Suite.
  • Uninstallation: How to uninstall IRSS. without loosing setting. complete cleanup incl. removing user files / settings
  • Update: How to update an existing IRSS installation. How does it work?


  • InputService / IRServer
  • Debug Client
  • Translator


  • Abstract Remote Map Creator
  • TrayLauncher
  • IR Blast
  • IR File Tool
  • MacroEditor
  • VirtualRemote
  • VirtualRemote Skin Editor
  • WebRemote


  • MP Control plugin
  • TVE2 Blaster plugin
  • TVE3 Blaster plugin
  • MP Blast zone


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