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  1. Videos[ > Folders|Video Folders] and specify the location of your videos or movie collection.
  2. Music[ > Folders|Music Folders] and specify the location of your music collection. 
  3. Pictures[ > Folders|Pictures] and specify the location of your picture collection.
  4. Remotes and select the Remote or other input device you wish to use.
  5. Codecs[ and Renderer|Codecs and Renderer] and select the codecs you wish to use for Video, DVD and TV playback (LAV Filters are set by default and should play most of your media files 'out of the box'.Please note to apply and save these default settings, even if no changes are made, each tab must be viewed and MP config Configuration closed with OK ; these settings and any changes that are made will not be applied or saved for any tabs that are not viewed or if MP config Configuration is closed using the cancel button.
  6. GUI - select a Skinandthe Home Screen you prefer - Home or BasicHome :
    • Default for 4:3 screens (720x576),
    • DefaultWide for 16:9 screens (1280x720).
    • Titan for HD screens (1920x1080)