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If you are missing info or images, MediaPortal can lookup and display album and artist information and images for you from and store them in your Music database.

  1. Select the AritstArtist/Album Artist or Album
  2. Press F3 key or Show Info button (usually yellow button on remote or you can map a button to it), or use the context menu or dialog via F9 or Info/More key on your remote and select Show album/artist info
  3. If there is more than one artist or album with the same or similar name, MediaPortal  will display a list so you can choose the artist or album you wish.


Now you have a top notch database with all the info and images for your music artists and albums! NexNext, you can learn the many ways to Browse Music in MediaPortal, customize the different views, create and play Music Playlists, or customize the Music Playback  settings including Visualizations.