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In this section all the plackback screens with their elements and functions are explained.



Play : Plays the media item

Pause : Only visible during playback - pauses the playback

Stop : Stops the playback

Image AddedPrevious: Only visible if not first item and > 1 items existing - jumps to previous item

Image AddedNext : Only visible, if not the last item and > 1 items existing - jumps to the next item

Image AddedForeward : Forewarding, multiple presses increase the speed

Image AddedBackward : Backwarding, multiple presses increase the speed


Image AddedEject Disc :



For disc media - ejects the disc

Image AddedMenu : For disc media - navigates to the root menu

Image AddedSettings : Opens a setting dialog

Chapter :

Image AddedInfo : Opens the info screen for the current media item

Image AddedSubtitle : Provides a list of subtitles for selection

Image AddedImage AddedAudio : Toggles audio and provides a list of audio tracks for selection, if > 1 track


Image AddedBack : Navigates to the previous screen

Image AddedExit : Exits MediaPortal 2 directly

Video Playback

Audio Playback