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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Media Indicators


In the content area are different types of indicators depending on the View Mode. Media Item parents know the status of their children, means a series knows about their seasons, which know about their episodes. If a season consists of 10 episodes, it is watched, when all episodes are watched. If 1 - 9 episodes are watched, the season is partly watched.


  • Episode → Season → Series
  • Movie → Movie Collection
  • Audio Item → Audio Album

Percentage Played

The Percentage Played indicator showes how much of a media Item is watched. It is indicated in the details area with a circular bar and percentage value. Media items can be always resumed from the last position when selected.

Remark: Please be aware, that the Percentage Played value is not resetted, when manually setting a media item to unwatched


The watched indicator is available for movies, movie collections, series, seasons, episodes and videos. Is is showing, when a media item is completely watched. This is the case, if at least 90% of the media item were watched. It can be also set menualy by context menu to watched or vice versa back to unwatched. Watched indicators can be de-/activated in view mode for each screen individually.

  • Grid and Coverflow View
  • List View

Partly Watched

The partly watched indicator is available for the same media items as the watched indicator. A media item is partly watched, if the percentage played status is between 10% and 90%.

  • Grid and Coverflow View
  • List View

Virtual Media Items

Virtual Media Items are physically not available, but all media descriptions and Fanarts are handled as for regular media items. Virtual Media Items can be missing episodes of a series or missing movies of a movie collection. You can can show and hide Virtual Media Items in the media settings. When shown following indicators help you to distinguish between regular media items.