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With this rework you now have the ability to use different external players for either Blu-ray Discs/Images, DVD Discs/Images or other video files.

Description of Change

This option can be set from MediaPortal config tool.

When this option is checked and MP is in fullscreen mode, MP will not handle resolution change from windows message, this option is most needed when user use HDMI connection, so when PC goes to standby, most of the time the resolution change (hidden) and MP react to it and can cause issue on resume, with this option, MP will stay at the fullscreen resolution.

From the screenshot below, the new option is the second one.


Before this rework you only had the option to choose one external player for all Discs or Images. Now you have the opportunity to select different external players for Blu-ray Discs/Images and DVD Discs/Images. For example you also can choose if you want to use the internal player for DVD Discs/Images but an external player for Blu-ray Discs/Images.

Below you can see where to find those new options in the Mediaportal Configuration.

External Player configuration for video files:

Image Added


External player configuration for DVD Discs/Images:

Image Added


External player configuration for Blu-ray Discs/Images:

Image Added


Additional Information and References

Issue #:

MP1-4742 4472

Issue Component:


Type of Change:

Feature, Rework, Bug Fix

Related Wiki page(s):  

Blu-ray Configuration



Date added:

Sun, 31 Jan 22 May 2016