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You are able to select madVR as your default video renderer. madVR, also known as Madshi's Video Renderer, bypasses the default algorithms of your computer's graphics card in the attempt to obtain images of the highest quality possible.

Description of Change

The setting to choose madVR as video renderer can be found in MediaPortal Configuration > Codecs and Renderer > Video Renderer




  • Use EVR for LiveTV

Since madVR support is still in an experimental state and there could appear some minor (GUI) issues this option gives you the ability to use EVR for LiveTV and madVR for local stored videos like movies/series.


If you encounter flickering problems in the MP GUI (happens with Intel IGPU's) you could try to reduce the madVR rendering time to hide the flickering.

Download madVR high quality video renderer

To use madVR as video renderer you will have to download and install it manually. You can get the latest stable version from the official homepage:


  • madVR support forum (you can also download the latest version from there)
  • madVR bug tracker
  • madVR configuration and optimization guide
  • JRiver madVR expert guide

Known issues

  • ViewModeSwitcher plugin needs to be disabled when using madVR.
  • MediaPortal Refreshrate Changer doesn't work with madVR. For refreshrate changing you need to enable this option in the madVR configuration.

  • 'enable windowed overlay (Windows 7 and newer)' in madVR settings (rendering > general settings) should be avoided because it can trigger a blackscreen issue.
  • Flickering can happen on some screens (e.g. TVGuide). See: Disable low latency rendering mode option.
  • Some OSD screens don't get refreshed (e.g. from TVSeries).
  • AtmoLight plugin doesn't work if D3D11 is in use.
  • Some plugins need to be updated to work with madVR (e.g. OnlineVideos, TVSeries...).


Additional Information and References

Issue #:MP1-4781
Issue Component:
Type of Change:Feature
Related Wiki page(s):Video Renderer
Author:Sebastiii, Tourettes and Madshi
Date added:Tue, 11 Oct 2016