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Table of Contents
Table of Contents


Channel Logos

MediaPortal 2 contains an integrated logo management that will automatically download logos for all TV and Radio channels from a central MediaPortal 2 channel repository without any interaction by the user. Logo processing then happens inside the MP2 LogoManager, a process that is completely transparent to the user.

Logo Management


Whenever MediaPortal 2 encounters a missing logo (e.g. in the TV Guide), logos for the complete channel group will be searched and, if available, downloaded from the central repository.

Logo Information will be automatically refreshed every 14 days to keep the system up to date (as of MediaPortal 2.1.2).


Update Logos

If you are missing logos or believe that the downloaded channel logos is in error, you may upload own information to the central logo database.

The MediaPortal 2 channel repository is located at that it can find in the MediaPortal channel repository.

The repository is located here: Everybody can register at this site to provide new logos. The repository organizes logos per country and contains information about country, channel name , its aliases and a clear logo without any background and effects. Updating existing or adding new information is a self-managed process where every user can register himself at this site to suggest new or update logo entries. Admins will regularly review all suggestions before final approval.

Logo Design


All processing of logos happens inside MP2 LogoManager.

Auto update feature

The "raw" channel logos are processed for using in MP2 (see next topic) and output is cached on the MP2-Server side.

Starting with MP2 version 2.1.2, this cache has a duration limit of 14 days. This means if a logo was updated in the remote repository, it could take maximum of 14 days until it get refreshed locally.

Note: This scenario only affects the MP2-Server cache. Running clients might still require a restart to see new logos, because any used image is also in-memory-cached for a while.

Logo Background Design

At the release time of MP2.1 (end of 2016) the default style is the Modern-StreamedMP 16x9-max theme which looks like: