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Count of Spectrum LineNumber of bars displayed16
Count of Specturm VU images in one lineDepth of spectrum16
Peak Falling afterHold time for peak value200
Peak Calculation methodAverage or MaximumAverage

VU Display [LED]


Count of VU Meter ImagesWidth in LEDS of display16
Peak Falling afterHold time for peak value50
Peak Calculation methodAverage or MaximumAverage


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<section name="Enabled"> # Plugin enabled Y/N
<entry name="Spectrum">yes</entry> # Spectrum display enabled Y/N
<entry name="SpectrumPeak">yes</entry> #Display Spectrum Peak Y/N
<entry name="SpectrumVUMeter">yes</entry> #Use plugin to provide LED type VU meter function Y/N
<section name="SpectrumAnalyzer">
<entry name="SpectrumImage">Spectrum\Spectrum.png</entry> #Default path to Spectum image, image displayed same wa as 'progress bar'
<entry name="SpectrumPeakImage">Spectrum\SpectrumPeak.png</entry> #Default path to spectrum peak image - displayed as is.
<entry name="SpectrumSpacing">5</entry> #Defaul#Default tspacingspacing between the spectral lines.
<entry name="SpectrumCount">16</entry> #Number of spectral lines to display.
<entry name="SpectrumMax">16</entry> #Number of steps within the spectrum
<entry name="SpectrumShow">Single</entry> #Use single display [expanded image] or set of mutiple images, one per spectral step [see Alternate Display XLM for example].