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Using an Ortek VRC-1100 Remote 

The Ortek VRC-1100 Media Centre Remote pictured on the right is a low cost alternative to the RC6 remotes used to control Windows Media Center. It is supplied complete with a USB infrared sensor and in addition has a built in mouse.

It is sold under a variety of names as follows:-

Adesso ARC-1100, Auvisio VRC-1100, Gmyle, Hama 00052451, Ortek VRC-1100 and Sanoxy VRC-1100.

Unfortunately unlike the RC6 remotes which use HID protocol, the Ortek VRC-1100  transmits keyboard shortcuts many of which are not compatible with Media Portal. The following instructions, for MP 1 only, provide both a basic configuration of this remote with a predefined mapping .xml and an advanced configuration using an AutoHotkey program script.

 MP2 (2.2.1 and above) users can directly map the Ortek VRC-1100 remote buttons using the “Input Devices” section in Settings.


  1. Open Media Portal 1 Configuration and select “Remotes and Input Devices”.
  2. Select the "HID" tab and disable (clear) the “Use generic HID device” box highlighted in red as shown below.
  3. Select the "Sceneo" tab.


  4. Enable (tick) the “Use Centarea Master Remote || /Sunwave SMR-140” box and clear all the other boxes, as shown below.

5.Download the Centarea support package from here, unzip it and copy the contents to any folder separate from those used by Media Portal.

6. Open the folder containing the package and read the information in the Centarea HID.txt file (recommended) that is included in the package. Double click on the install.bat file as shown below.

7.Select either the “Advanced configuration” option A or the the “Basic configuration” option B see below.

If you chose option B the process is now complete, further customisation can be carried out by using the Mapping option in the “Sceneo" tab shown in step 4.

Continue on to step 8 if you chose option A for the “Advanced configuration” which requires AutoHotkey to be installed.

8. The following setup instructions assume and require that both MP1 and the AutoHotkey program will be run from the same account with Administrator privileges.

Download the AutoHotkey program from and install using the “Custom” option, select the “ANSI 32-bit” version as shown below, all further options can be left as default.

When the AutoHotkey install completes reboot and after the restart has completed a green "H" icon should appear in the "System Tray" indicating that the Centerea HID.ahk script is running. Pressing the green Start button on the Ortek VRC-1100 remote should now start MP1 and all other buttons will be functional.


NOTE 1:- Using the Ortek VRC-1100 remote in conjunction with the CEC Remote plugin to control the volume of an HDMI device “see below” will require the mapping of the Volume Up/Down and Mute buttons, in the Sceneo settings, to their corresponding Media Portal functions for Windows 10.

 Note 2:- Some programs that use keyboard shortcuts can intercept the Ortek VRC-1100 button presses if they are running at the same time as MP1, notably Madvr. To avoid conflict with the “Record” button (Control+R) please change the KB shortcut in Madvr to Control+B as shown below.