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A more sophisticated workaround is to creat create a scheduled task to reset the TV Service dependencies on ever every startup.

To do so, create a command file TVS-SQL-dependencies.cmd with the content shon shown under Resources below.  Then execute the following code from an administrative command window to create the corresponding schedule scheduled task:

schtasks.exe /create /TN SetTvServiceDependencies /tr "


<path to command file>\TVS-SQL-dependencies.cmd" /sc ONSTART /ru "System"


Configuration file (MPSQL.ini)

Code Block
;SQL Server 2017 Configuration File

; Required: specifies a Setup work flow, like INSTALL, UNINSTALL, or UPGRADE. 

; Startup type for Browser Service.
; Manual - Service startup is manual mode (default).
; Automatic - Service startup is automatic mode.
; Disabled - Service is disabled 

; Install in English, regardless of system localization

; Installs all features available in the package being installed.

; Can be used to override the above.
; Specifies features to install, uninstall, or upgrade.
; The list of top-level features include SQL, AS, RS, IS, and Tools.
; The SQL feature will install the database engine, replication, and full-text.
; The Tools feature will install Management Tools, Books online,
; SQL Server Data Tools, and other shared components.

; Displays the command line parameters usage

; Specifies that SQL Server Setup should not display the privacy statement when run from the command line.
; Required only when the /Q or /QS parameter is specified for unattended installations.

; Required only when the /Q or /QS parameter is specified for unattended installations that include the Anaconda Python package.

; By specifying this parameter and accepting Microsoft R Open and Microsoft R Server terms, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms of use.
; Required only when the /Q or /QS parameter is specified for unattended installations that include the Microsoft R Open package.

; Required: Accept SQL Server license terms

; Specifies that the detailed Setup log should be piped to the console.

; Specify whether SQL Server Setup should discover and include product updates. The valid values are True and False or 1 and 0. By default SQL Server Setup will include updates that are found.

; If this parameter is provided, then this computer will use Microsoft Update to check for updates.

; Specify the location where SQL Server Setup will obtain product updates. The valid values are "MU" to search Microsoft Update, a valid folder path, a relative path such as .MyUpdates or a UNC share. By default SQL Server Setup will search Microsoft Update or a Windows Update service through the Window Server Update Services.

; Specify the root installation directory for shared components. This directory
; remains unchanged after shared components are already installed.
INSTALLSHAREDDIR="C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server"

; Specify the root installation directory for the WOW64 shared components. This 
; directory remains unchanged after WOW64 shared components are already installed.
INSTALLSHAREDWOWDIR="C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server"

; Specify the installation directory.
INSTANCEDIR="C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server"

; Required: Specify a default or named instance. MSSQLSERVER is the default 
; instance for non-Express editions and SQLExpress for Express editions. 
; This parameter is required when installing the SQL Server Database Engine 
; (SQL), Analysis Services (AS), or Reporting Services (RS). 

; Optional: Specify a non-default Instance ID for the SQL Server features you have specified. SQL Server directory structure, registry structure, and service names will incorporate the instance ID of the SQL Server instance.

; Specify 0 to disable or 1 to enable the Named Pipes protocol.

; Setup will not display any user interface.

; Setup will display progress only without any user interaction.

; Set SA password (required for SECURITYMODE=SQL).  
; Complexity requirements not tested for configuration file.  Interactive 
; installation rejects passwords without special characters, even if they meet 
; the other 3 criteria (digits, lower- and upper-case letters).

; Enable mixed-mode authentication (default is Windows only)

; Specifies a Windows collation or an SQL collation to use for the Database Engine.

; Account for SQL Server service: Domain\User or system account. 

; Windows account(s) to provision as SQL Server system administrators. 

; Specify 0 to disable or 1 to enable the TCP/IP protocol.

; Parameter that controls the user interface behavior. Valid values are Normal for the full UI,AutoAdvance for a simplied UI, and EnableUIOnServerCore for bypassing Server Core setup GUI block.
; It can only be used with the /ACTION=INSTALL and UPGRADE parameters.
; Normal is the default for non-Express editions and presents all setup dialog boxes for the selected features.
; AutoAdvance is the default for Express editions and skips nonessential dialog boxes.
; Incompatible with QUIET & QUIETSIMPLE

; If true, specifies that Setup should install into WOW64. 
; This command line argument is not supported on an IA64 or a 32-bit system. 

Command file (TVS-SQL-dependencies.cmd)

sc config TVService depend= MSSQL$SQLEXPRESS/SQLBrowser/Netman