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This change was done to simplify/clean up the code base, and remove "weight".


  • Required:  Yes
  • Type of Change:  Code Cleanup

Description of Change

  • GUIControl - removed previous inheritance chain, implemented single, small Baseclass,
  • GUIWindow - removed previous inheritance chain
  • GUIWindow - exposes its Children as GUIControls, instead of one of its baseclasses
  • GUIControlCollection - implemented

What this means for plugin developers is that your plugin must be recompiled against the new Core.dll. If you reference any of the base classes explicitly (such as UIElement), you may have to make manual changes (in most cases you should simply use GUIControl directly). Plugins compiled against the new core will not work in previous releases of MediaPortal, and vice versa.

In addition, some now "dead" classes were removed entirely. It is very unlikely a plugin relied on one of these explicitly. Please see the Mantis issue entry for details.

Additional Information and References

  • Mantis Issue: 3206
  • Related xml(s):  all
  • Window ID:  all
  • Related GUI property/control:  all

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