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We need your help!  One of the best ways you can contribute to the development of MediaPortal is by using our Area51 and Pre Releases and by reporting any bugs you find.  Reporting bugs properly makes a huge difference, see below.

There are so many features and options in MediaPortal, plus so many different hardware configurations, TV cards supported, etc., it is pracitally impossible for our Test Group to test every conceivable option. We rely on you to help us out.

Get issues into JIRA

The first step to get an issue fixed is by getting it into JIRA. This can be done in one of the following ways:

  • A user reports a problem in the correct bug report forum, which one of our Team Members confirms
  • Often an issue has been identified by a Team member already, if it can be confirmed by a valid bug report submitted by a user, then it can be added to JIRA by a MediaPortal team member.
  • If you confirm an existing bug report posted by an other user, and provide log files as well, this will often help us identify the root cause of the issue and ensure it is added to JIRA more quickly.

Bug Reports

Quality bug reports are invaluable to our developers to fix bugs.  Learn how to create a bug report in the Tester's Guide.

Proper testing and bug reporting is a fast track to an invitation to our Test Group!

Fof furher info please see:



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