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Start setup

You can always download the latest version of the services from our site. Extract the zip file and start the installer.

If you are using a multiseat setup, you have to install the service multiple times: on the TV server and on each of the clients. You can then configure which service is installed where in your client.

Tray application

You can select the options for the tray application in this screen. While it isn't required to use this, it provides a few functions that improve the user experience:

  • Allows clients (such as an app for your smartphone) to start and stop MediaPortal
  • Allows clients to shutdown or reboot your computer
  • Allows you to easily configure MPExtended

You can select whether you want to start this application on Windows startup and where shortcuts to it should be created here.

After clicking next and confirming the installation, the installation will start. It is possible to get one or two UAC dialogs during installation. If the installation seems to hang at WifiRemote installation, the UAC dialog has been opened in the background. Confirm it to let the installation continue.

Finish setup

On the final screen, you can select whether you want to start the tray application now. If you select this, the configuration interface will popup after you click finish. If you don't want to configure the services now (the default configuration works in most cases), you can safely close the configuration interface again - it will continue to run in the system tray.

You have now completed the MPExtended Services installation. You can now continue with configuring the services or configuring your client.



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