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On Tue, 08 Nov 2011, Dadeo deprecated this page or content because it is no longer relevant, MediaPortal source code has been moved to GITHub

Subversion (SVN) is a tool which allows development teams to safely coordinate and track source code changes. It helps large project development by merging code changes from various developers. Without SVN it is easily possible to overwrite other people's changes and one would be unable to restore previous versions of code if necessary.


This page describes how to get the source code for MediaPortal on your PC. The MediaPortal source code is stored in a Subversion (SVN) code repository.

You can download the source code using a graphical tool like TortoiseSVN or a command line tool like svn.exe (see Command line client below). After you've downloaded the source code you are ready to start compiling MediaPortal. See Compiling MediaPortal for more information.

Team MediaPortal SVN

SVN Servers

Team MediaPortal uses two SVN servers:

  • The powerful Team MediaPortal production SVN-Server
  • Sourceforge as backup SVN Server

Over the years it became necessary to get our own SVN server, because the performance of Sourceforge slowed us down more and more.

SVN Server Connection Details

Just a few short notices:

  1. A normal end user won't benefit in any way from downloading the source code so if you dont know what you are doing... please save us some traffic and avoid the download, thanks!
  2. If you want to compile MediaPortal 1 or TV Server then you need to download the common libraries as well as the main code.
  3. Access to both of these servers is read-only.
  4. MediaPortal 2 is now primarily using Git instead of SVN. You can get the Git repository details from here.

Production Server

additional tools

Sourceforge Backup Server

additional tools

Plugin Repository

Downloading SVN


These instructions show how to use TortoiseSVN to obtain the latest source of MediaPortal.

  1. Download the latest version of TortoiseSVN.
  2. Create a new folder where you want to store the source files then right click on the folder and select the SVN Checkout option.
  3. To avoid any issue when using batch files created by Team MediaPortal to compile MediaPortal please use a folder structure like this:
    • X:\svnroot\mediaportal\trunk\mediaportal (where "X "is your root drive) for MediaPortal SVN Checkout
    • and X:\svnroot\mediaportal\trunk\TvEngine3 for TVEngine3 SVN Checkout
  4. Enter the URL of the SVN repository you want to checkout (as listed earlier on this page) and click OK.
  5. Wait until the download is finished (this can take some time, it is large). At times the download may time out. You can resume the download from where it stalled simply by starting the checkout process again.
  6. Now you are ready to start compiling MediaPortal. See Compiling MediaPortal for more information.
  7. To update the source code later, right click on the folder you created and select the SVN Update option.
  8. Note: Latest sources are located in the /trunk/mediaportal folder. All other files are old and only stored as reference.

Command line client

Download the command line client for SVN svn.exe, or download the installer, from the official Apache SVN site.

Now open a command prompt and navigate to the folder where you want your MediaPortal sourcecode to be downloaded. Then type the following commands (you could make a batch file out of it).

svn co

A MediaPortal folder will be created, in the folder where the svn.exe is located, and the source code will be downloaded into it. This will take a while.

You can update the sourcecode later with this command.

svn update




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