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It is possible to watch TV not only via DVB-T, DVB-S or DVB-C, but you can also watch TV via DVB-IP aka IPTV. The TV streams are transmitted on your internet connection. More and more ISP's offer TV on their networks.

DVB-IP/IPTV Source Filter

The TV-Server includes a virtual tuner (the software DVB-IP MediaPortal IPTV Source Filter card) for receiving IPTV broadcasts. You can enable it in the TV config under "TV Servers" -> <your Servername>.

As of MP 1.5.0 the DVB-IP filter supports the following sources:

  • file sources
  • HTTP sources
  • UDP sources
  • RTP sources
  • RTSP sources (only IPv4, doesn't support specifying network interface)


For info on scanning and adding IPTV channels, see Scan DVB-IP.



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