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  • Required:  No
  • Type of Change:  Feature

Added new skin settings functions. All skin settings are saved to a new SkinSettings.xml file. Each skin may have it's own settings.

Description of Change

 The following functions are added.

  • Skin.ToggleSetting(setting) - Toggles the skin setting 'setting'. For use with conditional visibility tags containing Skin.HasSetting(setting).
  • Skin.String(string,value) - Compares the skin setting 'string' to 'value'. The user-set skin string was previously set via Skin.SetString(). This is functionally equivalent to string.equals() except that the setting name (parameter 'string') is saved to SkinSettings.xml.
  • Skin.SetString(string[,value[,kb_prompt]]) - Sets a skin property. Pops up a keyboard dialog and allows the user to input a string which can be used in a label control elsewhere in the skin via a skin property (e.g., #my_property). If the value parameter is specified, then the keyboard dialog does not pop up, and the string is set directly. The settings are saved per-skin in SkinSettings.xml.
  • Skin.SetBool(setting) - Sets the skin setting 'setting' to true. For use with the conditional visibility tags containing Skin.HasSetting(setting). The settings are saved per-skin in SkinSettings.xml.
  • Skin.Reset(setting) - Resets the skin setting 'setting'. If 'setting' is a bool setting (ie set via SetBool or ToggleSetting) then the setting is reset to false. If 'setting' is a string (Set via SetString) then it is set to empty.
  • Skin.ResetSettings - Resets all the bool and string skin settings to their defaults; boolean all set to false, strings all set to empty.
    See also:  Skin Settings

Additional Information and References

  • Mantis Issue: 3411
  • Related xml(s):  SkinSetting.xml and all xmls where skin settings are used
  • Window ID: 
  • Related GUI property/control:



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