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  • Required:  No
  • Type of Change:  Feature

When you scroll to the end of a list (GuiListControl) the cursor should jump to the beginning of the list. If you scroll to the beginning of the list, cursor should be moved to last item. Depending on the property "_loopDelay" there can be a pause when reaching the top/bottom of the list before scrolling resumes.

This _loopDelay property was ignored, the list never looped but stayed at the beginning/top of the list until the up/down button was released.

Description of Change

The change fixes this, so from now on the list waits "_loopDelay" ms and then jumps to the beginning/end of list. Furthermore it is exposed as a skin property (loopDelay) so the skin designer can choose how the list behaves.

Additional Information and References

  • Mantis Issue: 3205
  • Related xml(s):  *
  • Window ID:  *
  • Related GUI property/control:  GUIListControl (listcontrol)

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