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Play your existing playlists:

You can create video playlists or within MediaPortal.

You can even use music playlists you have created in another music program.  

Display a Playlist

To display a playlist, access the Menu (left arrow key) and select:

  •  Current Playlist - contains any files you have added to your playlist since MediaPortal was started
  •  Playlists - lists any saved playlists

music playlists

Playlist Layout

A special layout, the playlist layout, is supported in playlist views, like the Music playlist:

Of course, you may also display playlists using Icons or Big Icons layout as well.

Menu Options


MusicPlaylistMenu.jpg^974]* Layout - to display playlists in either the default Playlist layout, or in [

Icons Layout] or Big Icons layout

  • Shuffle - to shuffle the order of items in the playlist
  • Repeat - to repeat or loop the playlist
  • Playlists - displays your list of saved playlists
  • Save - to save the current playlist
  • Clear - to clear the playlist
  • Now Playing - to jump to the Now Playing Window



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