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  • Required:  No
  • Type of Change:  Feature

To provide skinnable flexibility for including, or not, xml skin files in parent skin xml files.

Description of Change

Conditional <include> makes it easier for skinners to develop skins with the ability to customize the GUI presentation (layouts, optional elements, etc). For example, conditional <include> can help by adding skinnable behavior that provides for end-user selection between window layout 'A' vs. 'B'. Skin designers can build the skin xml for option A and for option B separately (in two different xml files) and then conditionally include one xml file over another based on a skinnable end-user selection using Skin Settings.
Conditional <include> functionality adds an attribute to the <include> tag as follows:

<include condition="_expression_">_file.xml_</include>

where expression is any valid skin expression or skin setting that evaluates to a boolean. If the result is "true" then the xml file is included, otherwise the xml file is not included. If the expression cannot be properly evaluated (e.g. the result is not a boolean) then the file is not included and a debug statement is written to the log.

<include condition="\_short_">_mytvguide.8rows.xml_</include>
<include condition="_#(not(\_short_)">_mytvguide.10rows.xml_</include>

where #skin.tvguide.rows.is_short is controlled by a togglebutton, checkbutton, or menubutton (for example).
See also: Skin Expressions

Additional Information and References

  • Mantis Issue: 3788
  • Related xml(s):  all xmls may optionally use this feature
  • Window ID: 
  • Related GUI property/control:



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